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For classes starting between Wednesday, November 23, 2016 and Wednesday, January 04, 2017

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ACCG 5200Jan 0418:0084463EconomicsACTIVEBurnaby  
ACCG 6210Jan 0418:0084395Managerial Accounting - CompACTIVEBurnabySW52875
AICO 4090Jan 01 18135CAD PracticumACTIVEBurnaby  
AICO 4090Jan 01 79431CAD PracticumACTIVEBurnaby  
ARSC 4050Jan 0318:0083127Wood DesignCANCELDowntown  
AUTO 0145Dec 1707:3034276CFC Emissions in AutomotiveACTIVEBurnabyNE16 
AUTO 0706Dec 0608:3042698Intro to Kia Diagnostic SystemACTIVEBurnabyNE16111
AUTO 0707Dec 0808:3042699Kia Electrical Systems CertACTIVEBurnabyNE16111
AUTO 0708Dec 1208:3043844Engine Mechanical DiagnosisACTIVEBurnabyNE18104
AUTO 0708Dec 1908:3043854Engine Mechanical DiagnosisACTIVEBurnaby  
AUTO 0709Dec 2108:3043855Kia Climate Control DiagnosisACTIVEBurnaby  


BCIT 0120Dec 1209:0033497Instructional Skills WorkshopACTIVEBurnabySE12 
BCST 0001Dec 1009:0041693Journalism Entrance ExamACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
BCST 0002Dec 1009:0041697Radio A&E Entrance ExamACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
BHSC 0012Dec 1517:3042486Biology 12 Challenge ExamACTIVEBurnabySE6105
BHSC 1200Jan 0418:1584434Human Anatomy and PhysiologyACTIVEBurnabySW11205
BHSC 1200Jan 0418:1584418Human Anatomy and PhysiologyACTIVEBurnabySW11205
BHSC 1200Jan 0418:1584428Human Anatomy and PhysiologyACTIVEBurnabySW11205
BIOT 0001Dec 1209:0036944Biotechnology Career AwarenessACTIVEBurnabySW9206
BLDC 2205Jan 0418:3046088Construction 2 BACTIVEBurnabyNE1323
BSCI 9055Jan 0113:0079954Graduate Seminar SeriesACTIVEBurnaby  
BSCI 9110Jan 0415:0079242Building Envelope 1ACTIVEBurnabyNE1216
BSCI 9850Jan 0413:0084400Research ThesisACTIVEBurnaby  
BSYS 1001Dec 1209:1535445Bus Info Systems 1ACTIVEBurnabySE6103
BSYS 2051Dec 1209:0035446Bus Data AnalyticsACTIVEBurnabySE6106
BUSA 1201Jan 02 80243TV & Video Production MgmtACTIVEBurnaby  
BUSA 1305Dec 1209:0033482Supervisory SkillsACTIVEDowntown 820
BUSA 4100Jan 02 82504Practicum 1ACTIVEBurnaby  
BUSA 7120Jan 0417:3084388Values Based EntrepreneurshipACTIVEDowntown 464
BUSA 8920Jan 02 82865Research Project 2ACTIVEBurnaby  


CARD 6331Jan 02 18328Cardiovascular Clinical 1ACTIVEOther  
CARD 6332Jan 02 18329Cardiovascular Clinical 2ACTIVEOther  
CARD 6333Jan 02 18330Cardiovascular Clinical 3ACTIVEOther  
CARD 6352Jan 02 76702Pacemaker PracticumACTIVEOther  
CARD 6352Jan 02 76701Pacemaker PracticumACTIVEOther  
CARD 6500Jan 02 82387Card Electro Clinic PracticumACTIVEOther  
CITX 2500Jan 0409:0082058Computer Admin Adv PlacementACTIVEBurnabySE1207
CITX 2500Jan 0409:0084204Computer Admin Adv PlacementACTIVEBurnabySE1207
CLCR 0100Dec 1208:3043821Customized Industry TrainingACTIVEOtherLAN 
CMGT 7200Jan 0318:3041278Mgt of Equipment and Plant 1CANCELBurnaby  
COMM 0015Dec 0712:0034816English Competency AssessmentACTIVEATCATC 
COMM 0015Dec 0717:3034817English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
COMM 0015Dec 0917:3034814English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
COMM 0015Dec 1012:3034813English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
COMM 0015Dec 1317:3034819English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
COMM 0015Dec 2909:0034818English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
COMM 0033Dec 0717:0040481Eng Speaking/Listening AsstACTIVEBurnabySE6103
COMM 0033Dec 0917:0040482Eng Speaking/Listening AsstACTIVEBurnabyNE1201
COMM 0033Dec 1317:0040479Eng Speaking/Listening AsstACTIVEBurnabySE12301
COMP 2253Dec 0309:0042144SAP Crystal Reports AdvancedACTIVEBurnabySE6104
CORP 0110Dec 0608:3043744Leadership 1ACTIVEOtherRIC 
CTMX 0140Nov 2807:0043843Truck/Transp Mech IP RefresherACTIVEAICAIC2635


DEMX 0104Dec 0506:3043849Diesel Fuel/Emissions SystemsACTIVEAICAIC 


ECON 8500Jan 0418:0083091Managerial EconomicsACTIVEBurnaby  
EENG 8270Jan 0414:3077450Contam Site InvestigationACTIVEBurnabySW12005
EENG 8286Jan 04 77453Environmental Impact AssessmtACTIVEBurnaby  
ELEX 7120Jan 0418:3047283Linear Algebra & Vector CalculACTIVEBurnabySW11025
ELEX 8280Jan 0418:3071677Engineering LawACTIVEBurnabySW12030
ELEX 8300Jan 01 47424Industry ProjectACTIVEBurnaby  


FILM 2211Dec 08 37858Sound Gathering and EditingACTIVEBurnaby  
FIRE 1050Jan 0418:4578186Electrical for Fire ProtectionACTIVEBurnabySW9123
FMGT 0920Jan 0418:0084401CFA Level 1 OverviewACTIVEBurnaby  
FMGT 3110Jan 0418:0015272Financial Accounting 1ACTIVEBurnabySE6205
FMGT 3210Jan 0417:3015276Cost/Managerial Accounting 1ACTIVEDowntown 483
FMGT 4110Jan 0418:0047587Financial Accounting 2ACTIVEBurnabySW13170
FMGT 7105Jan 0417:3082072Equity AnalysisACTIVEDowntown 687
FSCT 0000Jan 01 79195Practicum Placement CourseACTIVEBurnaby  
FSCT 0091Dec 0808:3043799Forensic Approaches to CaringACTIVEDowntown 270
FSCT 7002Jan 0418:3080844Criminal Law 2: Legal EvidenceACTIVEBurnabySW12016
FSCT 7002Jan 0418:3078635Criminal Law 2: Legal EvidenceACTIVEBurnabySW12020
FSCT 7510Jan 0318:0082071Digital Forensics FoundationACTIVEBurnabySW12004
FSCT 7610Jan 01 70636Work Project 1ACTIVEBurnaby  
FSCT 8431Dec 0508:0034451Applied Research MethodsACTIVEDowntown 475
FSCT 8432Jan 0318:0078238Analysis & Reasoning for CrimeACTIVEDowntown 475


GIST 7128Dec 1208:3033963ArcGIS 1: IntroductionACTIVEBurnabySW32635


IAST 0000Jan 01 77808BCIT Card AccessACTIVEBurnaby  
INTD 0200Dec 1218:0041649Portfolio Wkshp InteriorDesignACTIVEBurnabyNE1 
INTD 1100Jan 0409:0080001Design Theory 1ACTIVEBurnabyNE1351
INTD 1100Jan 0418:0080002Design Theory 1ACTIVEBurnabyNE1404
INTD 1250Jan 0409:0083138Visual Communication 3DACTIVEBurnabyNE1352
INTD 1250Jan 0418:0082892Visual Communication 3DACTIVEBurnabyNE1305
INTD 1310Jan 0413:0071774Freehand DrawingACTIVEBurnabyNE1411
INTD 1360Jan 0418:0071814Digital Illustration for INTDACTIVEBurnabyNE1347
INTD 2320Jan 0409:0071831Graphic Presentation 1ACTIVEBurnabyNE1305
INTD 2350Jan 0413:0071837Detailing & Constr MaterialsACTIVEBurnabyNE1352
INTD 2360Jan 0414:3080030Residential Constr. DrawingsACTIVEBurnabyNE1338
INTD 2400Jan 0409:0082219Residential Studio BACTIVEBurnabyNE1411
INTD 3110Jan 0418:0018360Graphic Presentation 2ACTIVEBurnabyNE1353
INTD 3110Jan 0418:0083294Graphic Presentation 2CANCELBurnabyNE1 
INTD 4360Jan 0418:0074053Bldg Codes/Barrier Free for IDACTIVEBurnabyNE1352
ISEP 0010Dec 0913:0043281ISEP Placement TestACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0010Dec 1609:0043282ISEP Placement TestACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0010Dec 1613:0043283ISEP Placement TestACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0010Jan 0409:0084259ISEP Placement TestACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0020Jan 03 80710ISEP Challenge TestACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0959Jan 0414:3078650Introduction to IELTSACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0959Jan 0414:3078651Introduction to IELTSACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0960Jan 0414:3078647IELTS Pre-PreparationACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0960Jan 0414:3078646IELTS Pre-PreparationACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0961Jan 04 78648IELTS PreparationACTIVEDowntown  
ISEP 0961Jan 04 78649IELTS PreparationACTIVEDowntown  


JOIN 4350Jan 0417:0077384Joinery for Interior DesignACTIVEBurnabyNE2101


MATH 0110Dec 0716:0041039Math 11 Competency TestACTIVEBurnabySW13005
MATH 0110Jan 0416:0081045Math 11 Competency TestACTIVEBurnabySW32765
MATH 0120Dec 0716:0041044Math 12 Competency TestACTIVEBurnabySW13005
MATH 0120Jan 0416:0081052Math 12 Competency TestACTIVEBurnabySW32765
MENG 0150Dec 1208:3040445Machining: Basic SkillsCANCELBMCBMC 
MENG 0160Dec 0508:3040443Electrical: Basic SkillsCANCELBMCBMC137
MEOP 1001Dec 0507:3033217Forklift Operator 1ACTIVEAICAIC1300
MEOP 1001Dec 1907:3037014Forklift Operator 1ACTIVEAICAIC1300
MEOP 1002Dec 0507:3034429Forklift Operator 1ACTIVEAICAIC1300
MEOP 1002Dec 1907:3041228Forklift Operator 1ACTIVEAICAIC1300
MEOP 1004Dec 1207:3038029Electric Forklift Operator 1CANCELAIC  
MEOP 1007Dec 1507:3043247Filling Forklift Propane CylACTIVEAICAIC1300
MEOP 1011Dec 0907:3042170Scissor Lift OperatorACTIVEAICAIC1300
MKTG 7010Jan 0419:3084389Cooperative MarketingACTIVEDowntown 464
MKTG 7150Jan 0208:3084390Int'l Mktg Mgmt StrategiesACTIVEBurnabyNE1402
MLSC 1714Jan 02 80301CDN Lab Clinical ExperienceACTIVEOther  
MRAD 0100Jan 04 48336ClinicalACTIVEOther  
MSYS 4090Jan 01 79432PracticumACTIVEBurnaby  
MSYS 4090Jan 01 18670PracticumACTIVEBurnaby  
MTEC 8090Jan 01 79426Manufacturing Degree ProjectACTIVEBurnaby  
MTEC 8090Jan 01 49210Manufacturing Degree ProjectACTIVEBurnaby  
MTEC 8091Jan 01 79427Manufacturing Degree ProjectACTIVEBurnaby  
MTEC 8091Jan 01 79097Manufacturing Degree ProjectACTIVEBurnaby  


NSCC 7150Jan 0408:3077956Dysrhythmia Interpret and MgtACTIVEBurnaby  
NSER 7300Jan 04 72072Emergency Nursing Clinical 1ACTIVEOther  
NSER 7300Jan 04 19655Emergency Nursing Clinical 1ACTIVEOther  
NSER 7500Jan 04 19657Emergency Nursing Clinical 2ACTIVEOther  
NSER 7500Jan 04 45746Emergency Nursing Clinical 2ACTIVEOther  


OPMT 0198Dec 0718:0035450Business Math Assessment TestACTIVEBurnabyNE1292
OPMT 0198Dec 1014:0035457Business Math Assessment TestACTIVEBurnabyNE1292
OPMT 0198Dec 1418:0035451Business Math Assessment TestACTIVEBurnabyNE1292
OPMT 2510Jan 0418:3083193Project Quality & Risk MgmtACTIVEBurnabySE6209
ORGB 8600Jan 0418:0083090Implementing Strategic ChangeACTIVEBurnabySE6108


PERF 8300Dec 19 43195Cardio Perfusion Clinical 3ACTIVEOther  
PERF 8500Dec 27 43531Cardio Perfusion Clinical 5ACTIVEOther  
PHYS 0312Jan 0418:3084199Technology Entry Physics 2ACTIVEBurnabySW12004
PSYC 1101Jan 0418:0046170Introductory Psychology 1ACTIVEBurnabySW52825


RENR 7002Jan 0410:0080602Environmental AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1318
RENR 8001Jan 0414:0077502Population/Community EcologyACTIVEBurnabySW12024
RENR 8002Jan 0417:0077503First Nations Nat Res MgmtACTIVEBurnabySW12025
RENR 8104Jan 0413:3083076Appl Fire Ecosystem RestACTIVEBurnabySW12004
RENR 8201Jan 0310:0077504Ter&StreamChannel Asst Eco ResACTIVEBurnabySE4106
RENR 8301Jan 0314:3078305Research Design/ImplementationACTIVEBurnabySE4106


TTED 5080Jan 01 15675Directed Technical Project 1ACTIVEBurnaby  
TTED 5080Jan 01 79476Directed Technical Project 1ACTIVEBurnaby  
TTED 5081Jan 01 46193Directed Technical Project 3ACTIVEBurnaby  
TTED 6080Jan 01 15676Directed Technical Project 2ACTIVEBurnaby