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For classes starting between Thursday, November 13, 2014 and Thursday, December 25, 2014

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ABOD 0103Dec 1007:0039014Structural DiagnosticsACTIVEBurnabyNE10114
ABOD 0104Dec 0907:0039016Aluminum Gas Metal Arc WeldingACTIVEBurnabyNE10114
ABOD 0131Nov 1508:3037206Vehicle Restoration: WeldingACTIVEBurnabyNE10107
AICO 2000Nov 2408:3030890AutoCAD 2ACTIVEBurnabySW32625
AICO 3001Nov 2117:3031784AutoCAD 3DACTIVEDowntown 375
AUTO 0131Nov 1508:3033225Propane Fuel Sys.for VehiclesACTIVEBurnabyNE24104
AUTO 0134Nov 1408:3041725Nat Gas Fuel Syst for VehiclesACTIVEBurnabyNE24104
AUTO 0145Dec 2007:3034276CFC Emissions in AutomotiveACTIVEBurnabyNE16130
AVAO 2222Nov 2908:0038984Human Factors in AviationCANCELATCATC 


BCIT 0120Nov 1509:0033798Instructional Skills WorkshopACTIVEBurnabySE12101
BCIT 0120Dec 1509:0033497Instructional Skills WorkshopACTIVEBurnabySE12 
BCST 0001Dec 1114:3041755Journalism Entrance ExamACTIVEBurnabyNE1291
BCST 0002Dec 0214:3041694Radio A&E Entrance ExamACTIVEBurnabyNE1291
BCST 0002Dec 1009:3041756Radio A&E Entrance ExamACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
BCST 0003Dec 0309:0041699TV&Video Entrance ExamACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
BCST 0003Dec 1009:3041757TV&Video Entrance ExamACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
BCST 1190Nov 1510:0038497VJ - Backpack JournalistACTIVEBurnabySE10240
BIOT 0001Dec 0809:0036944Biotechnology Career AwarenessACTIVEBurnabySW9206
BSYS 1001Dec 0809:0035445Bus Info Sys 1 -Office 2013ACTIVEBurnabySE6107
BSYS 2051Dec 0809:0035446Business Data AnalyticsACTIVEBurnabySE6106
BUSA 1305Nov 2409:0036432Supervisory SkillsACTIVEDowntown 270
BUSA 1305Dec 0809:0033482Supervisory SkillsCANCELDowntown  


CEPD 0101Nov 2209:0032918Career TestingACTIVEBurnabySE12322
CITX 2500Nov 2412:0038685Computer Admin Adv PlacementCANCELBurnaby  
CLCR 0100Dec 0108:3041749Customized Industry TrainingACTIVEOtherSRY 
CLCR 0100Dec 0308:3041442Customized Industry TrainingACTIVEBurnabyNE1239
CLCR 0100Dec 0508:3041741Customized Industry TrainingACTIVEOtherKWN 
CLCR 0100Dec 1008:3041721Customized Industry TrainingACTIVEOtherVIC 
CNST 0101Dec 0507:3037189Constr Safety Officer Re-CertACTIVEBurnabyNE28101
CNST 1100Nov 2407:3037961Constr Safety Officer TrainingACTIVEBurnabyNE28101
COMM 0015Dec 0312:0034818English Competency AssessmentACTIVEATCATC 
COMM 0015Dec 0509:0034813English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1290
COMM 0015Dec 0914:0034814English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1291
COMM 0015Dec 1009:0034815English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1291
COMM 0015Dec 1114:0034816English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1291
COMM 0015Dec 1309:0034817English Competency AssessmentACTIVEBurnabyNE1291
COMM 0033Nov 2818:0040477Eng Speaking/Listening AsstACTIVEBurnabyNE1201
COMM 0033Dec 0318:0040478Eng Speaking/Listening AsstACTIVEBurnabySE12324
COMM 0033Dec 0518:0040479Eng Speaking/Listening AsstACTIVEBurnabyNE1201
COMM 0033Dec 1018:0040480Eng Speaking/Listening AsstACTIVEBurnabySE12310
COMM 0033Dec 1118:0040481Eng Speaking/Listening AsstACTIVEBurnabyNE1201
COMM 0033Dec 1218:0040482Eng Speaking/Listening AsstACTIVEBurnabyNE1201
COMP 0268Dec 0109:0037958MS Word 2013 Workshop 3ACTIVEDowntown 375
COMP 0269Dec 0409:0032491MS Excel 2013 Workshop 3ACTIVEDowntown 375
COMP 0279Dec 0209:0032633MS Access 2013 Workshop 3ACTIVEDowntown  
COMP 1253Nov 2209:0035594Crystal Reports Adv WorkshopCANCELDowntown  
COMP 1911Nov 1513:0040371Intro to JavaScript and JQueryACTIVEDowntown 370
COMP 1952Nov 1509:0041476JavaScript Mobile App ToolsCANCELDowntown  
COMP 1953Dec 1313:0041314Android iOS Mobile App ToolsCANCELDowntown  
COMP 1956Nov 2209:0038723Creating Web Graphics 1CANCELDowntown  
COMP 2056Nov 2209:0041058Creating Web Graphics 2CANCELDowntown  
COMP 2911Nov 2118:0041453AngularJS FundamentalsACTIVEDowntown 364
COMP 3838Nov 2309:0041060Data WHS FNDN for BIACTIVEDowntown 300
CTMX 0105Dec 0107:0039341Air Brakes for MechanicsACTIVEAICAIC1635
CTMX 0110Nov 2518:0036253Commercial Vehicle InspectorACTIVEAICAIC2635
CTMX 0145Dec 2007:0041746CFC Emissions in Com TransportACTIVEAICAIC 


ENAV 1160Nov 2408:3041068Dynamic Positioning BasicCANCELBMCBMC151
ENAV 2600Dec 1508:3041743Bridge Resource ManagementACTIVEBMCBMC151


FILM 2211Dec 11 37858Sound Gathering and EditingACTIVEBurnaby  
FITT 0110Dec 1517:3032093International Trade FinanceACTIVEDowntown 370
FOOD 2151Nov 2508:0038789Dairy Processing WorkshopCANCELBurnaby  
FSCT 0087Dec 0109:0041665Online Investigative TechACTIVEDowntown 471
FSCT 8360Nov 2408:0039028Forensic Imaging TechniquesACTIVEDowntown 475
FSCT 8431Dec 0808:0034451Applied Research MethodsACTIVEDowntown 475


GIST 7128Dec 0808:3033963ArcGIS 1: IntroductionACTIVEBurnabySW32635
GROW 1500Nov 1918:0040991Green Walls—Design/LogisticsCANCELBurnabyNE3 


INTD 0200Dec 0818:0041649Portfolio Wkshp InteriorDesignACTIVEBurnabyNE1404
ISEP 0010Nov 2813:3037919ISEP Placement TestACTIVEDowntown  


MACH 1132Nov 1718:4536392CNC Operator Level 3ACTIVEBurnabyNW6112
MATH 0110Dec 1016:3041039Math 11 Competency TestACTIVEBurnabySW12016
MATH 0120Dec 1016:3041044Math 12 Competency TestACTIVEBurnabySW12016
MENG 0150Nov 1708:3040445Machining: Basic SkillsACTIVEBMCBMC124
MENG 0160Dec 0108:3040443Electrical: Basic SkillsACTIVEBMCBMC 
MENG 5000Dec 0208:3036101Engine Room Resource MgtACTIVEBMCBMC 
MENG 5000Dec 0908:3036994Engine Room Resource MgtACTIVEBMCBMC142
MEOP 1001Dec 0107:3041731Forklift Operator 1ACTIVEAICAIC 
MEOP 1001Dec 1007:3037014Forklift Operator 1ACTIVEAICAIC2668
MEOP 1002Dec 1007:3041228Forklift Operator 1ACTIVEAICAIC2668
MEOP 1004Nov 2607:3034808Electric Forklift Operator 1ACTIVEAICAIC2668
MINE 1004Nov 1718:3034432Introduction to Prospecting 2CANCELBurnabySW12060
MINE 1012Nov 1818:0041210Mining Law & Legal AgreementsCANCELDowntown  
MINE 1013Dec 0214:0041243Mining Industry RiskCANCELDowntown 810
MKTG 1352Nov 2117:3040061Strategic Online MarketingACTIVEDowntown 475


NSCC 7550Nov 13 35317Critical Care Clinical 3ACTIVEOther  
NSCC 7550Nov 17 34932Critical Care Clinical 3ACTIVEOther  
NSPN 7250Dec 1308:0041752Fetal Health SurveillanceACTIVEOther  


OCHS 1410Nov 2908:0037283Fire Extinguisher Service TechACTIVEBurnabySW13021
OPMT 0198Nov 2814:3035448Business Math Assessment TestACTIVEBurnabyNE1292
OPMT 0198Dec 0514:3035449Business Math Assessment TestACTIVEBurnabyNE1292
OPMT 0198Dec 0609:3035455Business Math Assessment TestCANCELBurnabyNE1292
OPMT 0198Dec 1214:3035450Business Math Assessment TestACTIVEBurnabyNE1292
OPMT 0198Dec 1914:3035451Business Math Assessment TestACTIVEBurnabyNE1292
OPMT 0405Nov 2408:3036192PMP Certification PreparationACTIVEDowntown 382
OPMT 0405Dec 0108:3041740PMP Certification PreparationACTIVEOtherVAN 


PHYS 0110Dec 1018:0041605Physics 11 Challenge ExamACTIVEBurnabySW34725
PPGS 0150Dec 0217:0037321Cross Conn Challenge RecertACTIVEBurnabyNE6222
PPGS 0155Nov 1818:0036445Cross Connect Control RecertACTIVEBurnabyNE6222


RWCD 1040Nov 2008:3041688Intro to Industrial OrgnACTIVEAICAIC 
RWCD 1046Nov 2608:3041689Switching and MarshallingACTIVEAICAIC 
RWCD 1050Dec 0908:3041690Rules & AuthoritiesACTIVEAICAIC 


TELC 0105Nov 1818:0039018Electrical IP/TQ RefresherACTIVEBurnabySE1109
TELC 0156Nov 1508:0034441Variable Frequency DrivesACTIVEBurnabySE1218
TELC 0182Dec 0107:3041029PLC 2ACTIVEBurnabySE1210
TELC 0186Nov 2407:3041028PLC 1ACTIVEBurnabySE1116