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Overview – BCIT ZEBLC activities

BC Energy Step Code series

We helped with the renovation of a few cabins in Squamish (British Columbia – Canada).  The renovations took un-insulated kids camp cabins with 12 ACH50 to Step 3 of the BC Energy Step Code using an exterior air barrier and exterior insulation strategy combined with a series of Lunos heat recovery ventilation units.

For one of the cabins, we worked with the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, B-Collective and Innotech Windows to work with a fantastic group of first nations students at renovating a cabin as part of a 5-day course.

We worked with Flynn Canada to build a series of Part 3 mockups showcasing assemblies that would meet step 4 of the BC energy Step Code

By others

Exploring Alternatives is a social media project dedicated to living large with less. We were fortunate to have founders Mat & Danielle stop by our lab to produce a video on the ABC of Passive House. Thanks Mat & Danielle for promoting the work we do.

The Build Show with Matt Risinger is dedicated to Building Science and Fine Craftsmanship. Matt is a builder in Austin, TX. We were fortunate to have Matt and his team stop by our lab to produce a Build Show episode.

The BC Housing Building Excellence Research & Education Grants program supports initiatives that improve the quality of residential construction and strengthens consumer protection for new home buyers. We are very flattered to be featured in one of the program video.

The Canada Green Building Council named the BCIT Zero Energy Buildings Learning Centre “Inspired Educator of the Year (2021)”.