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Explore the building-urban environmental quality research and Nature-based Building Systems Research at the Centre of Architectural Ecology.

Building-Urban Environmental Quality research

Under Rodrigo Mora’s direction, graduate students have conducted research on climate-adaptive architecture, urban heat island, outdoor thermal comfort, and outdoor air pollution, including the impacts of nature-based solutions on environmental quality.

Nature-Based Building Systems Research

The Centre’s initial research [PDF] established how extensive green roofs perform in the climate of coastal BC, and much work has taken place since then. Our current research, both on the Elevated Lab and in the lab, are examining the extent to which extensive green roofs serve a city’s ecological health and well-being. Our research established the stormwater, thermal, material, and acoustical performance of green roofs in the Pacific Northwest, but the extent to which these systems serve a city’s ecological health remains unclear. In spring 2018, the Centre launched two new projects on the Elevated Lab, titled ‘Technologies and Ecologies’.