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Major funding support from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council (NSERC) and Pacific Economic Development Canada and industry has allowed the Centre to expand in capacity and take the key steps that are essential to the sustainability of the growing green roof and living wall industries.

The first funds that granted the Centre its origins, infrastructure, and equipment (2002-2007) produced results describing the effects of stormwater mitigation and thermal efficiency by extensive green roofs in the climate of coastal BC. The regional infrastructure network that was established continues to collect data for further substantiations and refinements of these parameters.

With major support from Pacific Economic Development Canada and matching partners in 2007, the Centre expanded its research capacity. Elaborated study of ecological interfaces within the built environment has captured the imagination of designers, architects and the general public. For more details on the new front of green roof and living wall research at BCIT, visit our Research page.

Roofing Contractors Association of BC

Environment Canada

Metro Vancouver

National Research Council Canada

BC Housing

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

Pacific Economic Development Canada

Industry connections

BCIT green roof research is successful because of its partnerships with industry, which are essential to the advancement and adoption of green roof and living wall technologies in the region. The Centre is proud of what has been achieved to date, and looks forward to more collaborative successes.

The companies listed here are key to green roof research, as they directly assist BCIT’s educational mandate, provide resources for demonstration, and facilitate third-party testing of industry products.

Industry partners

Our industry partners have committed to sharing resources and expertise to the advancement of green roof and living wall research in this region. We are grateful for their ongoing support.



Intercoast Building Solutions








NATS Nursery

Urban Foliage





Linnaea Nurseries