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ICES evaluates formal for-credit educational programs of study for people who have studied in other provinces or countries and determines comparable levels in British Columbian and Canadian terms. The results of an ICES assessment are provided in evaluation reports that are objective, consistent, and reliable.

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Three steps to an ICES report

  1. Find out what kind of evaluation you need and who you need to show the report to.
  2. Find out what documents you need to submit or have sent to ICES.
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All evaluation timelines are up-to-date.

Applications from Syria

Please note, ICES can still evaluate academic credentials from Syria, but all regular mail has been suspended entering the country. If clients are applying from Syria directly an alternate address must be provided.

New registration assessment process for licensed practical nurses

On August 12, 2014, all Internationally Educated Nurses who want to register with the CLPNBC must first apply through the National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS). For more information about the changes please click these links below:

Federal skilled worker program

If you are seeking a credential evaluation for immigration for the Federal Skilled Worker Program please contact the Comparative Education Service (CES), the International Credential Assessment Service of Canada (ICAS), World Education Services (WES), the Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada (PEBC) or the Medical Council of Canada (MCC) for more information. At this time, ICES is not a designated service. For additional information about requirements please click the CIC link directly.