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Campus Plan


Evolution and growth

The Campus Plan embodies BCIT’s aspirations to evolve and grow as a premier polytechnic educational institution.

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A vibrant campus

Our vision is that Burnaby campus becomes a vibrant, urban place that supports innovation and collaboration, provides a better environment and experience for students and faculty/staff, enhances the profile of the institution, and improves educational outcomes.

Developing the campus plan

Since its approval in 2018 work has begun on delivering the capital program.

A number of major projects are already in progress or in the development and planning stage.

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6 main goals

The Campus Plan is based on six main goals that aim to create a better place for learning, working, and living so that BCIT provides the best possible polytechnic education and campus experience in a sustainable manner.

Campus of innovation and collaboration

Create an environment and culture that foster innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurship

Living campus

Create a denser, more vibrant campus core by adding more student housing, more retail and service outlets, recreation facilities, open spaces, and other amenities.

Adaptive campus

Create flexible spaces that can adapt to new requirements. Provide opportunities for demonstration projects, exhibits, special events

Unique and visible
BCIT campus

Open up the campus to the outside world. Design new buildings to show what is special about BCIT and what goes on inside. Develop prominent sites with exciting buildings that increase BCIT’s profile. Make on-campus wayfinding easier.

Sustainable campus

Increase transit, walking, and cycling and reduce single-occupant vehicle trips. Adopt targets and guidelines for sustainable buildings and infrastructure. Improve recycling and waste management systems. Increase use of renewable energy. Protect and daylight Guichon Creek.

Connected campus

Make connections with the surrounding business community by adding features that draw people onto the campus. Make connections within the BCIT community with enhanced digital infrastructure and physical circulation systems that are attractive, efficient, safe, and enjoyable.

Making the most of our spaces

Land use

The Plan includes three distinct land use districts that perform different functions for BCIT.

Mixed-Use Core: A high-density mixed-use core from Canada Way south to Fairey Street is within a 5-minute walk from main transit stops and will include: most new BCIT facilities, new student housing, industry partner space, a new retail focal point. The mix of uses will enable and encourage collaboration

Major Park and Recreation: A major park and recreation area at the site of the existing recreation and track/field facilities with connections to the Guichon Creek riparian area and greenway

South Campus: South Campus provides room for future BCIT expansion and possible interim use for large scale industry partners that need large sites

Character areas

The plan also includes a series of character areas that will be showcases for different aspects of life at BCIT.

The Crossroads: New focal point for campus and surrounding employment district including retail, exhibit space, meeting facilities, industry partners, housing.

Goard Way Gateway: Main entrance to campus for transit users and visitors. Welcoming, convenient, comfortable

South Campus: An opportunity for improved outdoor recreation space, industry partners, BCIT facilities, and new rental housing.

The Yard: Showcase BCIT programs that involve ‘hands on’ making. Large central open space for learning, construction demonstration projects, exhibits, social and recreational activities.

Sustainability is central to the plans for our campuses



The campus plan is the result of extensive consultation with stakeholders on our campus and outside to identify their priorities for the future of BCITs campuses.

Read more about the consultation and research process behind the campus plan or browse the feedback from our consultations.