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Initiation of the BCIT People Vision

bubbles overlay each other in green and blue colours with text of the five focus areas of the BCIT People Vision

We are sharing an update on the Strategic Plan deliverable that we are leading, which falls under our commitment to being a people-focused organization and the initiation of the BCIT People Vision, with focus on employee wellness, retention, and development.

The People Vision launched in January 2022 to support the BCIT Strategic Plan commitment to being a people-focused organizationIt lists five focus areas that help capture the Institute’s commitment to support our people. These focus areas are Talent, Wellness, Empowerment, Accountability, and Connectedness. Priorities were identified for each of the focus areas and the 2022 BCIT Employee Experience Survey questions were aligned with them in order to assess our progress.

Accomplishments and initiatives to date reflected in the 2022 BCIT Employee Experience Survey results include:

  • Talent
    • Onboarding index 62% positive, noting welcoming coworkers, clear expectations, and valuable feedback.
    • Initiatives include onboarding tools for faculty, campaign to profile employees who have developed careers at BCIT and enhanced exit interview process.
  • Wellness
    • Index 56% positive, noting coworkers respect thoughts, feelings, diversity. Wellness workshops continue to be well attended.
    • Initiatives include development and delivery of a Values workshop for 2022 PD Day; teams are now investing time to discover how they live BCIT Values.
  • Empowerment
    • Index 49% positive, referencing change and project management courses offered twice a year for all employees.
    • Initiatives include the creation of a change management Loop page and toolkit for change managers.
  • Accountability
    • Index 49% positive, noting clear expectations and support (training, funding, etc). BCIT Updated Leadership Competencies continue to be used for leadership hiring, onboarding, and development.
    • Initiatives include Leadership Community of Practice focused on Leadership Competency Model, refinements to the budget process to support better decision-making, and surveyed Flexible Learning students to inform Strategic Enrollment Management strategies.
  • Connectedness 
    • Index 47% positive with valuing diversity and external partnerships as strengths.
    • Initiatives include building awareness of cross-functional committees and opportunities for collaboration.

We will continue to report updates twice a year, with the next progress update scheduled for July 2023.

Thank you,

Lisa Ryan
Director, Organizational Development

Ana Lopez
Vice President, Human Resources and People Development

Commitment: People-focused organization
Initiative: Faculty and staff development
Deliverable: Initiation of the BCIT People Vision, with focus on employee wellness, retention, and development
Deliverable lead: Lisa Ryan, Director, Organizational Development and Ana Lopez, Vice President, Human Resources and People Development