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What Sets BCIT Apart

Renewed Vision & Mission

Applied education integrated with industry.

We have refreshed the foundation of our strategy to reflect the shifting landscape and to reinforce our points of difference in a complex and demanding world.


Empowering People.
Shaping BC.
Inspiring Global Progress.


Partnering learners and industry for success through workforce development.

With our renewed vision and mission, we are reinforcing our focus on what sets BCIT apart: applied education and integration with industry. We are also challenging ourselves to be more ambitious, more purposeful, and more integrated. We are strengthening our commitment to improving the lives of the people who learn and work at BCIT. We are highlighting our intention to help build new capacity and fuel regeneration as British Columbia adapts to sustain its edge as a place to live and work. And we are looking further afield to our ability to lead positive change through the contributions of our alumni and researchers to economic, social, and environmental ventures across the world.

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