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Measuring Success

Our Accountability

A meaningful roadmap for BCIT.

Together with our community, we will annually develop a Strategic Implementation Plan that derives from this Strategic Plan, translating the initiatives into a set of coordinated actions and jointly agreed deliverables. We will regularly evaluate our performance in achieving these milestones.

In addition to continued tracking through the Institutional Accountability Plan and Report, we will also assess and manage our progress in the Strategic Plan through a scorecard comprised of high-level key performance indicators (KPIs). We will confirm specific measures as we move into implementation, but likely areas of focus are noted below. Metrics and baselines are already in place in some of these, while in others, we will establish new indicators to reflect areas of sharpened attention:

Key Performance Indicators

  1. Learner demand
  2. Learner transition and outcomes
  3. Learner participation in work-integrated learning
  4. Scale of instructional skills training
  5. Operational effectiveness
  6. Employee engagement
  7. Extent to which industry is engaged as a partner to BCIT
  8. Indigenous student enrolments
  9. Bursaries and scholarships awarded
  10. BCIT brand strength
  11. Campus sustainability
  12. Revenue and contribution
Delivering on the plan.

The value of this Strategic Plan is in its capacity to chart a clear and motivating roadmap for action, to attract resources, and to tell the BCIT story.

Progress in implementation is dependent on three main factors.

  • We must institute a systematic approach to program management, tracking progress, and facilitating resource allocation to ensure we are intentional and practical about what we advance – and what we deprioritize.
  • We must mobilize resources to help us achieve our ambitions, securing government funding for high-demand programs, diversifying our revenue streams, and activating investment through the Inspire campaign and renewed industry and alumni engagement.
  • We must also continue to strengthen our brand through greater promotion of what BCIT is and does through our media presence, flagship initiatives, and campus redevelopment.

We are committed to supporting implementation appropriately and, over time, to aligning “business as usual” activities to these priority areas. Only in these ways can we ensure that the Strategic Plan becomes a meaningful roadmap for BCIT.

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