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Implementation of Flexible Learning operational enhancements

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I am sharing an update on the Strategic Plan deliverable I’m leading, which falls under our commitment to provide future-proof applied education.

Students taking courses and programs at BCIT should be set up for success – by ensuring that they meet entrance requirements and have the necessary prerequisites for higher level courses, we are assisting with that. This deliverable is improving the learning and teaching environments in Flexible Learning (formerly Part-time Studies).

So far this year, we have made substantial progress towards the ability to verify course prerequisites within Flexible Learning. We completed an audit of all courses and programs and ensured that the appropriate prerequisites are identified and coded into our systems. This will help ensure that students have completed all relevant introductory courses before registering into those that require prior knowledge.

We have also piloted formal admissions into the flexible learning model of a group of programs in the School of Business + Media. We are now expanding that pilot to the Interior Design programs in the School of Construction and the Environment. Admissions will allow us to assess entrance requirements before accepting students in a program, as well as enable us to track their progress to completion and provide supports where necessary.

These are both significant steps in our alignment of the recommendations arising from the review of Part-time Studies that was completed in early 2020.

We also launched our formal rebrand of Part-time Studies to Flexible Learning on October 26 to coincide with the opening of registration for our Winter 2023 courses and programs.

Check out the new Flexible Learning website and see this exciting way of how we teach and learn at BCIT.

Thank you,

Jennifer Figner
Associate Vice President, Academic Operations

Commitment: Future-proof applied education
Initiative: Renewal in flexible studies
Deliverable: Implementation of PTS operational enhancements
Deliverable lead:  Jennifer Figner, Associate Vice President, Academic Operations