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BCIT Summit Centre

Events & Seminars

Exploratory and interactive workshops
Figure out if starting a business is for you. Dig into the basics of owning and operating a business and the lifestyle of being an entrepreneur. We’ll share the blueprint to get you started!

The Intrapreneur Edge
Entrepreneurship is not limited to starting your own business; it can also involve intrapreneurship—using entrepreneurial skills within a large organization. We offer a three-month intrapreneur program where participants learn leadership, decision-making, goal setting, creative problem-solving, resourcefulness, and networking skills.

Student Association Ask an Expert Series
Guest speakers provide interactive and engaging seminars on topics relevant to entrepreneurs, including social media and online marketing, financing, intellectual property, prototyping, product design, and more. Lawyers, marketers, financial managers and engineers will share their unique expertise.

Student Association Entrepreneur Panel Series
Entrepreneurs from a variety of industries share their stories. Hear what they wish they had known when they first started out, how they got their first break, and more. These panel and networking events will give you a chance to contribute to the discussion and to network with some of Vancouver’s most interesting entrepreneurs!

3D-printed baby helmets changing lives

In a small office in the heart of Burnaby, BCIT Prosthetics and Orthotics Program Head Jason Goodnough is strapping a tiny, blue helmet onto the head of 9-month-old baby Alfred.

See how a 3D printed helmet is made