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BCIT Summit Centre

Events & Seminars

1-on-1 Appointments

Do you love the idea of being an entrepreneur, but you don’t know where to start? If you’ve ever thought about starting a business now or in the future, some advice early on can make a big difference. The Entrepreneurship team is here to provide customized support. Book a meeting to ask us about:

· Coming up with a business idea

· Creating a business model

· Key information to know before getting started

· How to get connected with other resources

These meetings are for everyone–whether you’re already working on a startup or you haven’t come up with a business idea yet, we’ve got something for you!

Business Plan Review

If you’re starting a business, an important part of this process for many entrepreneurs is developing a strong business model and articulating your ideas in a business plan. Business plans can be useful in a variety of ways, including:

· Guiding the direction of the company,

· Setting milestones for the business to achieve,

· Aligning your financial projections with your business strategy, and

· Helping the company access funding from lenders and investors.

The purpose of this free service is to provide you with step-by-step information, resources, and templates that you can use to prepare your business plan.


Get Guidance from an Experienced Entrepreneur or Expert

Starting a business can be overwhelming! It’s important for new founders to have someone they can turn to for guidance. The BCITSA Entrepreneurship Mentorship program gives students and alumni an opportunity to connect with and learn from experienced entrepreneurs and business experts. Mentees meet with their mentors on a regular basis over a five-month period to get support to launch or grow their startups, set business goals, and work towards achieving them.

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3D-printed baby helmets changing lives

In a small office in the heart of Burnaby, BCIT Prosthetics and Orthotics Program Head Jason Goodnough is strapping a tiny, blue helmet onto the head of 9-month-old baby Alfred.

See how a 3D printed helmet is made