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The only polytechnic in British Columbia with a provincial mandate, BCIT is a unique institution with exceptional students and employees, outstanding learning outcomes, and real-world impact. The strategic planning process initiated in 2017 reaffirmed our focus on the preparation of job-ready graduates and the progression of practice, both enabled by our distinctive partnerships with industry.

At the same time, influenced by changes around us and by capacity within, we defined in the plan the areas for institutional attention. These include a heightened commitment to our people, to ongoing innovation in applied education, and to strategic connections within and beyond BC. The Ministry has charged us to deliver high-quality education that is accessible and affordable, to contribute to broad-based economic growth, and to advance the objectives of reconciliation.

Our plan aligns with this mandate and BCIT’s primary focus remains the province. However, our context is global; we must continue to infuse our community, curriculum, and culture with international perspectives. Our global endeavours enable BCIT to attract the talent and create the partnerships that help advance BC.

Our 2020 review of the Strategic Plan reaffirmed its continuing value. BCIT has made significant strides over the last two years in process and system redesign, in support for our students and employees, and in the capital projects that underpin our educational model. BCIT’s successful pivot in the spring of 2020 to primarily remote teaching and working demonstrates our agility and we continue to reinstate safe on-campus, hands-on learning, consistent with public health advice, to support our core model of applied education. The title of our plan signals our sustained focus on strengthening and leveraging the skills and assets of BCIT through concerted attention to relevance, reach, and renewal in all that we do.

Times of inflection are also times for reflection. Crises create opportunity. Our efforts in the next months and years will be propelled further by the pursuit of three priorities: Agile Learning, Digital Transformation, and Partnership in Provincial Resilience. Each of these represents an opportunity for BCIT to lead in ways that our current context demands. Each builds upon existing strengths and ongoing work at BCIT, with important areas of heightened or new focus, including anti-racism, online learning, and new ways of working. Our enduring commitment to reconciliation, diversity and inclusion, and sustainability infuses all three opportunities. Together, they will help BCIT emerge from the pandemic stronger as a community and stronger in our capacity to advance the BC economy.

The agility, determination, and resilience of our students, faculty, staff, and partners during the pandemic have been extraordinary. We owe you a debt of gratitude. And to all of you who have contributed to the development, evolution, and implementation of the plan, thank you. You have challenged us to be bold and you have told us where we need to improve. Above all, we will need to remain responsive and flexible given prevailing levels of change and uncertainty. As opportunities arise, we will recalibrate accordingly, grounded in the shared sense of purpose and commitment described in the Strategic Plan. We look forward to your continued engagement and partnership as we move ahead.

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