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Be Cyber Aware

Tip of the Month

Phishing emails may contain spyware traps or point to a counterfeit site.

Always be extra cautious before clicking on attachments and links, because even though the sender might look legitimate, there is a possibility that they might not be.

Security is everyone's responsibility

At BCIT, we all have a shared responsibility to protect substantial amounts of personal information about our community – including our students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors. By taking the first simple steps to stay secure, we all can make an impact on privacy and information security, both at home and at BCIT.

End-user security awareness and training is essential in order to protect institutional intellectual property, as well as personal and confidential information. The training provided on this site highlights the importance of information security, risk, and privacy implications to avoid incidents such as phishing, data breach or compromise, malicious exploitation or accidental data disclosure.

The goal is to ensure the community is educated on the risks they carry when interacting and working with information technology, how to defend against malicious threats, and how to react to information security events or incidents, both at work and at home.

learn to protect yourself online

Awareness Topics

Cyber security involves many aspects of your digital life.  Most people know what viruses and passwords are, but the threat landscape is always changing and it’s important to stay informed.

Below are different topics where you can learn more about keeping yourself safe and staying cyber aware.

Learn to spot phishing attacks

Protect yourself from ransomware

Understanding malvertising

Using data backups

Protect yourself with encryption

Be smart with passwords

Did you know...

BCIT’s exposure to online security risks are real and constantly changing.  Knowing how to improve your online security profile is important, not only for yourself but also BCIT.

Find out what the risks are and how to protect yourself.  Don’t become one of these statistics.

*  Statistics (54%, 99% and 365%) provided by TechRepublic

Become Cyber Aware


of emails received by BCIT are spam


increase in data breaches so far in 2019


of email attacks rely on users clicking links


increase in ransomware attacks so far in 2019

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