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New ways of thinking, learning, and collaborating

Teaching & Learning Innovation

Innovating for the future requires a variety of learning tools and techniques. We must create environments that free up the ability to experiment, explore and discover what could become the next big idea.

Immersive simulations

Students learn best when immersed in interactive, experiential settings. With advanced simulation, students can use the latest technology and be trained in procedures in a risk-free environment that brings industry settings, workflows, and interdisciplinary interactions into the classroom.

Virtual and augmented reality

The integration of virtual and augmented reality will allow our students to move beyond textbooks into interactive spaces where they can dismantle and reassemble complex equipment, learn processes and systems through simulated interactions, and be better prepared for their future workplaces.


A makerspace is a shared space where people come together and collaborate while sharing tools, resources and knowledge. Open to all, these spaces are equipped with a range of no tech to high-tech tools such as 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, soldering irons and sewing machines.
Makerspaces are about the maker mindset of creation and exploration, and are helping to prepare people with critical 21st Century skills, provide hands-on learning, and foster entrepreneurship as incubators and accelerators for innovation.

Cooperative education

Also known as work-integrated or experiential education, cooperative education is a model and process for learning that formally and intentionally integrates a student’s academic, classroom-based studies with practical job experience in workplace settings.
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BCIT receives major donation from the Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation to invest in expanding skilled trades opportunities for young people in BC

October 13, 2023

In an effort to expand early access to skills training and education, Dennis and Phyllis Washington Foundation, in conjunction with...

BCIT and the Gene Haas Foundation announce the opening of the new Gene Haas Manufacturing Lab

October 5, 2023

On October 4, the British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) and the Gene Haas Foundation announced the opening of the...

BCIT announces $33M in funding for new Trades and Technology Complex showcasing industry support and demand for grads

September 20, 2023

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) today announced a milestone of $33 million in funding towards a new state-of-the-art...

BCIT and Mastercard announce over $460K in funding to support students, launch the new Mastercard Chair in Digital Trust

September 13, 2023

The new Mastercard Computing Technology Awards provides direct financial assistance to BCIT students, while new Mastercard Chair in Digital Trust...

As technological, economic and social change accelerates, the BCIT campus must transform into a learning environment where solutions to our most urgent challenges are born, tested and readied for the world. We gratefully acknowledge our generous corporate, individual, and alumni donors who have helped us raise more than $110 million to date towards this exciting transformation.