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Campus Redevelopment

Guichon Creek

A living lab of sustainability

Guichon Creek is one of the most significant tributaries of Still Creek and runs directly through BCIT’s Burnaby campus. Named for a local pioneer family, the creek was a popular fishing spot in the early 1900s. As the century wore on, Guichon Creek was dammed, urbanized and partially culverted.  For decades it was sterile for salmon and other fish. In the 70’s and 80’s restoration work began at its south end and in 2006, the creek was restored to largely natural state thanks to the efforts of BCIT, students, the Rivers Institute and the City of Burnaby.

Trout and salmon still cannot currently navigate upstream through the underground section of the culvert. ‘Daylighting’ the entire length of Guichon Creek will complete the ecological restoration and yield a functional aquatic ecosystem.

Guichon Creek North

  • This section of the creek is currently culverted and will undergo phased daylighting and urban ecological restoration.
  • The restoration of this urban section may include canal-type openings with adjacent buildings, open areas, walkways, and cycle paths.

Guichon Creek South

  • In this area, the creek is in a mostly natural state, which will be protected and enhanced.
  • The enhancement of this natural area may include the sensitive addition of walking trails.
Metres of Guichon Creek currently culverted


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