Hands on Change Maker

    • You know that pipe, ducts and controls are what really make the world go around.
    • You're the right person to install and maintain the sustainable solutions.
    • You're willing to get your hands dirty to give Mother Nature a boost.       

    Business Minded Planner

    • For you, the solutions to big green challenges are in the little green details.
    • Planning the efficient use of time, money and natural resources? Bring it on!
    • You believe in a better world through better planning.

    Math Minded Problem Solver

    • You converted your car to bio diesel… by yourself.
    • Calculus and physics are a game to you. Now you are ready to tackle the energy challenge.
    • In your opinion they should change the name to green-gineering.

    Solution Builder and Designer

    • You believe reducing the carbon footprint starts with the blueprint.
    • You know the first skyscrapers were trees.
    • You think walls can live, homes can be passive and that every penthouse needs a greenhouse.

    Natural Scientist

    • You have a unique view of the world and your own ideas on how to sustain it.
    • As someone that lives to be outdoors, you want to make your living outside.
    • You believe not all scientific discovery happens in the lab.

    Sustainable Business Leader

    • You're part Donald Trump, part David Suzuki.
    • You want to develop sustainable business practices for today and tomorrow.
    • You believe in making a profit without making a mess.