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ELEX 6992 is a paid temporary work term where students do productive work that relates directly to the core competencies of the B.Eng. Electrical Engineering program. Job postings are approved by the BCIT Co-op Coordinator and posted through Centre for Workplace Education (Co-op). Students in the program attend workshops to enhance their employability prior to their placement and compete for job postings during the academic work term. During the work term, students are monitored by BCIT. This course is mandatory for graduation.

B.Eng students can access the services of the job posting platform (the Bridge) to apply for summer
work terms in the spring of their second and third year.

Student access to the CWE Bridge is assessed in September and monitored on a continual basis. Most students in the B.Eng have access to the Bridge. However, students that have already completed the work term requirement of the program and those who have a viable path for completion of the academic requirements of the program before the following June will not have access to the Bridge and will need to undertake an independent job search.

The deadline to complete this is October 3, 2022.