Student Regulations and Academic Requirements and Standards

The following is a summary of regulations and policies that govern student conduct. If you want to learn more about these policies, please review the following detailed policy documents:

For more information and access to forms please visit Student and Judicial Affairs or review BCIT's official policy listings.

Academic integrity

Academic honesty is expected and required of all students. This includes ethical conduct, academic integrity, adherence to the facts, and trustworthiness. Academic honesty is expected in the conduct of all examinations, essays, reports, and other projects or forms of assessment prepared or completed by students pursuant to the requirements of a BCIT program or course.


Depending on the particulars of a situation, informal appeals are conducted within the school, and move sequentially from the instructor to the chief instructor/program head, to the associate dean, to the dean. These appeals are usually made one-on-one between the student and the school representative. If the resolution is not satisfactory, a student may access a formal appeal. Please refer to the Student Judicial Affairs website for formal appeal procedures.

Application for certification and graduation

Students must apply to receive their degree, diploma or certificate by completing an Application to Graduate form available from Student Information and Enrolment Services or from the web at To ensure you submit your application to graduate within the established deadlines, contact Student Information and Enrolment Services.

Attempts at a course and time limits to complete a credential

Students must successfully complete a course within a maximum of three attempts at the course. Students who have not successfully completed a course within three attempts will not be eligible to graduate from the appropriate program. Most BCIT programs provide a maximum time limit of seven years to complete a credential. This begins with the starting date of the first course taken towards the credential. If a student has unsuccessfully completed a course two times, the student will require written approval from the program's associate dean to take the course a third time.

Change of program

The opportunity to change programs is available only to students currently enrolled in a program. Program Change for Students Currently Attending forms are available through Student Information and Enrollment Services or on the web at

If a student has been required to discontinue in a program and subsequently wishes to enter a different program, a new application and fee must be submitted to Student Information and Enrollment Services.


By becoming a BCIT student, you are agreeing to become a member of our Community. You are also are accepting the rights and responsibilities attached to such membership. All members of this community are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that is conducive to a productive, respectful and high quality educational environment. More information can be found at:


Prolonged illness of three or more consecutive days requires a Student Medical Certificate sent to the program head or chief instructor substantiating the absence. Failure to provide a Student Medical Certificate will result in these absences being unexcused. Student Medical Certificate forms can be printed from the BCIT web site at

Letter of verification

Students requiring verification of enrolment may request a Letter of Verification. Forms are available from the BCIT web site at, by fax at 604-431-0817, or at Student Information and Enrolment Services in building SW1-1/F.

Marks reassessment

Generally speaking, students should see their instructor, chief instructor/program head, associate dean to resolve issues and concerns. Marks reassessment is normally a review of a final exam, final practical work assessment or major project. Requests to reassess may only be initiated by a student upon issuance of the final grade/standing by the Registrar and must be made within the time limits outlined in Student Policy 5104.

Students have a responsibility to resolve questions relating to the evaluation of their performance with their instructor and chief instructor/program head. In the event the matter cannot be resolved between the student and the instructor, the student may request a reassessment. Requests for Reassessments must be made through the applicable school’s dean’s office. The dean of the applicable school has the right to determine whether a request for a mark reassessment goes to a Decision Review Board appeal or through a marks reassessment process.

Official transcripts

Official transcripts may be ordered from Student Information and Enrolment Services in person, by mail, or by fax. Order forms are also available from the BCIT web site at or by fax at 604-431-0817. Transcript processing normally takes five to seven working days.

Refund deadline dates

It is the student’s responsibility to check refund deadline dates outlined in the Calendar of Events.

Specified course load requirements

Students with credit(s) who need to enrol in substitute courses in order to meet load requirements must have their substitute course(s) approved by the associate dean prior to the term start date.

Student regulations

Students should read and familiarize themselves with the Institute's student-related policies. A complete description of policies is available on the Student Judicial Affairs website. If required, you can access the web through computers located in the BCIT Library.

Transfer credit

Many students entering a full-time BCIT program have completed courses or programs at BCIT or other college and universities. As a new full-time student at BCIT, you may be able to get credit for that previous experience. Applications for course credit may be made each term or for each academic year. Applications for the next term will be processed approximately halfway through the current term. Student course credit application forms can be obtained from Student Information and Enrolment Services. Diploma students may apply for credit only after they have been fully accepted and have paid their commitment/term fees.

Students must apply for course credit whether the course completed was through BCIT or an external institution. Students currently enrolled at BCIT may apply for credit at any time within the academic year, but no later than 14 days after the commencement of the course for which credit is being requested (see Calendar of Events, page 32). BCIT tuitions are based on a per-credit calculation to a maximum or cap tuition amount. Students who register in a full-time program and are not taking a full course load or request course exemption may not receive a refund as a result of the per credit calculation amount exceeding the maximum tuition.


It is the student’s responsibility to follow the procedures for withdrawing from a course and/or program by the withdrawal deadline date outlined in the Calendar of Events (see page 32).

Withdrawal procedures

Full-time course withdrawal, Technology: Student should consult with his/her program head or associate dean.
Full-time program withdrawal, Technology: Program withdrawal forms are available from Student Information and Enrolment Services. The withdrawal form must be signed by the student’s program head.
Full-time program withdrawal, Trades: Student should consult with his/her chief instructor. Withdrawal forms will be issued to the student by the chief instructor.
Part-time course withdrawal: The Part-time course withdrawal form is available from Student Information and Enrolment Services.

Withdrawal grading

W - Official/approved withdrawal from a course/program within the withdrawal deadline date. Grade not calculated in weighted or cumulative term averages.

LW - Official/approved late withdrawal from a course/program after the withdrawal deadline. Grade not calculated in weighted or cumulative term averages.

V - Course discontinuation. Unofficial/unapproved withdrawal (course discontinuance). Zero grade is calculated in weighted or cumulative term averages. Credit is granted or denied by the Registrar upon recommendation of the program's associate dean.

Withholding statement of marks

Statement of marks, verification letter, diploma or certificate will not be issued until the student has resolved all financial and other obligations to the Institute. These documents may also be withheld on such other grounds as directed by the Board of Governors.