Automotive / Auto Collision

Metal Pedal Car

Pedal cars are made from heavy gauge steel and solid rubber tires. The dimensions are 17" wide, 39" long and 21" tall. They accommodate most kid's 2 to 7 years of age.

Students from the Automotive Refinishing & Motor Vehicle Body Repair Programs restored a metal pedal car on loan from OK Tire as a student project.

The students stripped the car down to bare metal and prepared the car for restoration by applying proxy primers, sealers and a base coat.  The students also masked off the car and prepared it for flaming and a clear coat.  OK Tire and BCIT will display the car at future special events and trade shows.

Heavy Equipment

BC Trucking Association Gift Supports Renewal of Resources

The BC Trucking Association, with funds raised by its Flemming Sondergaard Legacy Fund Committee, generously donated $88,000 to the BCIT School of Transportation’s Heavy Equipment Group for the purchase of a new Medium Duty Truck.

Bio diesel—FP Feric Innovations

Bio diesel fuel is now a financially viable fuel source. Like many other overlooked fuel sources, advancing technology and rising fuel costs have led us to these new sources. Whether derived from seed stock, waste product, or new sources, the question is how would bio diesel fuel match up with petroleum-based diesel fuel when in the engine?


Model railway provides a real-world landscape

Because of their participation in the N scale project, students in the Railway Conductor program learn the needs of their working environment while studying Switching and Marshalling.

Various types of model railcars, locomotives, tracks and switches are used to simulate part of a rail yard on a table approximately 3’x15.’ This ongoing project allows each of the classes to contribute to the improvement of the terrain surface, and will eventually include the addition of signals, ramps and buildings to the project.

Logo project provides marketing & communications skills

Students in the Communications course in the Railway Conductor program learn all about creative team effort, and the value of interpersonal communication and personal presentation.

After being divided into teams of 2 or 3, students work together to design a class logo. Each of the ideas is then presented by the team using Power Point, and voted on by the rest of the class. The winning logo is printed on t-shirts and distributed to the class, their instructors and some of their industry supporters. As Railway Conductors, they are the interface between their employers and the customer. Understanding the power of customer perception is key to their career success.