Faculty and Staff

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McCarter, Philip Associate Dean
Golovachova, Nataliia Administrative Manager
Cadet Diploma Programs
Otto, Jeff Cooperative Education Coordinator
Cvjetkovic, Jesika Program Assistant
Marine Engineering
Hayden, Eamon Chief Instructor, Marine Engineering
Beyenir, Serhat Instructor
Keiver, David Part-time Instructor
Mikhailov, Vadim Instructor
Mirzaie Sagharloo, Nader Part-time Instructor
Sarwal, Sanjeev Instructor
Srivastava, Vic Instructor
Lucio Pereira, Agnelo Chief Instructor, Nautical Science Cadet Program (NSCP) & Seamanship
Susanthan, Sam Chief Instructor, Nautical Sciences (NS)
Alphonso, Myles Instructor
Bhagat, Percy Instructor
Coburn, Grant Instructor
Damian, Daniel Instructor
Dunbar, Rod Instructor
Gardiner, Chris Instructor
Marquardt, Carl Instructor
Mantta, Kristoffer Part-time Instructor
McElroy, Alex Instructor
Pichugin, Ivan Instructor
Rudrakumar, Manik Instructor
Siddiqui, Mujeeb Instructor
Soer, Marc Program Technician / Facilities Coordinator
Sutton, Gregory Simulator Technician
Burrows, Lori Admissions and Registration Officer
Carson, Sherri Program Assistant
Hopkins, Glenda Operations / QA Coordinator
Keller, Melanie Program Assistant
Knapp, Kathy Administrative Assistant to Associate Dean