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Heavy Equipment

BC Trucking Association Gift Supports Renewal of Resources
The BC Trucking Association, with funds raised by its Flemming Sondergaard Legacy Fund Committee, generously donated $88,000 to the BCIT School of Transportation’s Heavy Equipment Group for the purchase of a new Medium Duty Truck.
Bio diesel—FP Feric Innovations
Bio diesel fuel is now a financially viable fuel source. Like many other overlooked fuel sources, advancing technology and rising fuel costs have led us to these new sources. Whether derived from seed stock, waste product, or new sources, the question is how would bio diesel fuel match up with petroleum-based diesel fuel when in the engine?


Unity SoT VR Railway project
VR application used in training to increase the awareness of railway knowledge and safety. The next iteration of this application will simulate how the emergency medical responder in the area will respond to this kind of incident.