Faculty & Staff

Boskovic, Sanja Associate Dean
Zikakis, Lindsey Administrative Manager
Aircraft Gas Turbine (jet) Engine
Holding, Steve Chief Instructor
Logan, Andrew Instructor
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer M (Maintenance)
Holding, Steve Chief Instructor
Bell, Larry Instructor
Butorac, Dennis Instructor
Cliff, Andrew Instructor
German, Martin Instructor
Gunn, Ed Instructor
Hodgkinson, Glen Instructor
James, Brad Instructor
Johnstone, Richard Instructor
MacFarlane, Elizabeth Instructor
Mansell, Greg Instructor
Mitchell, John (on leave) Instructor
Mullis, Steve Instructor
Paterson, Scott Instructor
Rai, Parm Instructor
Sproule, David Instructor
Tessier, Ray Instructor
Yee, Robert Instructor
Airline & Flight Operations (Commercial Pilot)
Cahill, Cheryl Chief Instructor
Aviation Maintenance Technician – Avionics
Habiballah, Kacem Chief Instructor, and Person
Responsible for Training (PRT)
Bayliss, Richard Instructor
de Azevedo, Jonas Instructor
Holding, Steve Instructor
Shannon, Chris Instructor
Aviation Operations
Cahill, Cheryl Chief Instructor
Madden-Johns, Heather Instructor
Bains, Gurpreet (seconded to enrolment planning) Admissions/Records Officer
to be determined Receptionist/Cashier
Beaverstock, David Tool Room Attendant, Aviation Stores
Bruce, Trudy Admissions/Records Officer
Burtnick, Jackie (on leave) Records Management Clerk
Johal, Tina (on leave) Program Assistant for
Airport Operations, Airline and Flight Operations
Klemin, Oxana Quality Assurance Coordinator
O’Kelly, Tony Librarian
Pederson, Lori Library Coordinator
Saulnier, Ravi Acting Program Assistant for
Airport Operations, Airline and Flight Operations
Sutherland, Lenalda
Assistant to the Associate Dean
Tietjen, Susanne (on leave) Receptionist/Cashier
Toy, Hagar Library Circulation Assistant
Van Walleghem, Chris Program Assistant for
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer - Maintenance, Aviation Maintenance Technician – Avionics, and Gas Turbine Engine
Verbeem, Jeff (on leave) Librarian
Yang, Vincent Tool Room Attendant, Aviation Stores