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Kevin Pilar

BCIT Ambassador and Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) Alumnus

Kevin, BCIT Ambassador


After high school, I wasn’t sure which career path I wanted to follow. I was torn between studying commerce at BCIT and taking the Automotive Service Technician program—two very different programs! I began my studies here in the Automotive program, but quickly found myself drawn to the courses offered through the School of Business, where I completed a Bachelor of Business Administration.

What attracted me to BCIT in the first place was the small class sizes and the opportunity to learn from instructors with industry experience—they’re experts in their fields.

What advice do you have for future students?

Your time here will fly by. Make the most of it by getting involved and making time for your new BCIT friends.

Kelly Provenzano

Student, Accounting Diploma Program 


I'm currently a student in the Accounting Diploma program at BCIT. I chose to attend BCIT for this program because of the high employment rate for the school’s graduates and because of the good reputation that BCIT has in the accounting industry.

After I finish my diploma, I plan to continue my education by completing a bachelor’s degree at BCIT and by earning the Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) designation.

What advice to do you have for future students?

Be prepared to work hard. Staying organized will also go a long way.

Sarah Silvers

Student, Marketing Management (Communications Option) Diploma Program


After having finished a bachelor’s degree, I wanted to complement my education by developing my strategic communication skill set. I chose BCIT not only because of its strong reputation, but because I value the career-oriented coursework and the programs’ real-world applications. My goal upon graduation is to work in public relations in the non-profit sector.

What advice do you have for future students?

Be sure to practice your math skills!

Edson Ishida

Student, Media Techniques and Marketing Communications Certificate Program

Edson, BCIT Tour Guide


When I started researching my postsecondary options, I had heard a lot of great things about BCIT. In fact, everyone I asked about BCIT before I made my decision told me this school has a great reputation because of the focus on practical training. Professionals working in my field also said BCIT grads were in demand. That made BCIT my first choice.

What advice do you have for future students?

I’ve loved my BCIT experience so far—in part because I’ve gotten involved with so many programs on campus. I really recommend that future BCIT students find ways to get involved.

Chris Wilson

Student, Business Management Diploma Program

Chris, BCIT Tour Guide


Right after high school, I spent three years in university. The huge class sizes made me feel anonymous, and I wasn’t getting the post-secondary educational experience I’d hoped for.

So, I decided to come to BCIT. I began as a part-time student and then joined the Business Management Diploma Program. Since then, I’ve become part of the BCIT family and have gotten to know my program instructors and classmates on a first-name basis. And because my program is focused on developing real-world skills, I’ve been able to gain experience doing pretty much everything we’ve learned in class. I’ve never enjoyed learning more!

What advice do you have for future students?

Make the most of your time at BCIT. There are lots of opportunities here to develop personally and professionally outside of your day-to-day coursework.