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World University Rankings

Universitas Indonesia GreenMetric

Did you know that BCIT has participated in the Universitas Indonesia GreenMetric (UIGM) World University Rankings since 2018?

The UIGM is an annual publication of university rankings on sustainability. Each year there is a different theme and the 2023 focus was on “Innovation, Impacts and Future Direction of Sustainable Universities”. UIGM collects data through an online questionnaire and measurements are based on six weighted indicators:

  1. energy and climate change
  2. waste
  3. transportation
  4. education and research
  5. setting and infrastructure, and
  6. water

BCIT ranked 419 out of 1183 participating institutions from 84 countries. Our strongest areas are in education and research, waste and water.

Email if you would like a copy of the 2023 Fact File for BCIT.