Transport Alternatives

Save time, save money, save your health, save the environment - use alternatives to the single-occupant vehicle. Cycle, use transit, or ride-share on your trips to BCIT.


Burnaby, Downtown, and Marine campuses offer bike racks. Burnaby campus' racks have about 325 bike rack spots, free showers, and lockers for full-time students, plus extra lockers in the Student Activity Centre (SE16).

For more information about cycling to BCIT, be sure to visit our cycling website.


Full-time students can travel 3 zones anytime with the U-Pass BC transit program. Part-time students can purchase their Compass Card at a variety of off-campus locations, as well as a the Stand retail outlet in SE-2 on the Burnaby campus. Both of these options are a great way to save money on parking and gas. Monthly transit passes are a also a tax write-off for all Canadians - save your receipts for tax time.


Investigate carpooling with the Jack Bell Ride-Share program. The BCIT Student Association has promoted carpooling since 1996, when carpool registration was first set up at the Environmental Action Centre. In 1998, the Student Association became partners with the Jack Bell Foundation.

Commuter challenge

Each June, the Commuter Challenge encourages Canadians to walk, cycle, take transit, carpool or tele-work instead of driving alone to work. The Challenge supports workplaces like BCIT and individuals acting for personal, community, and environmental health.