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On all five BCIT campuses, there are 55 buildings with a total area of 276,381 metres squared of office, classroom and training facilities (as of 2023).

The mix of old and new buildings on our campuses presents unique opportunities for reducing the Institute’s Ecological Footprint. Our new buildings are built with many energy-efficient features. Older structures provide an opportunity to develop leadership in retrofit technology applications, to meet or exceed energy and materials performance levels of new green buildings.

Read more about green features at our campuses, including geothermal heat pumps, smart energy usage technology, and more, at Downtown campus, ATC campus, and Burnaby (including Solar Canopy and sustainable homes applications).

On our main Burnaby campus, our buildings themselves account for 1% of the total Burnaby Campus Ecological Footprint (95 ha). The top contributors to this impact are:

  • Parking lot space (45 ha)
  • Classrooms (28 ha)
  • Offices (10 ha)
  • Lodging (3 ha)

Note: Buildings account for 30% of global energy consumption and 40% of all materials used.