Say NO! to SOVs (Single Occupant Vehicles)

 Car and van pools remove any where from 1 to 7 SOVs from our congested highways and roads. One vanpool has the potential to save a significant number of greenhouse gases from entering our atmosphere. Sharing your ride with others in the morning creates a social atmosphere for your commutes, allows you to share driving responsibilities, thereby reducing stress and is much cheaper than driving on your own!

BCIT offers several services for staff and students wishing to give carpooling a try. The Student Association operates a ride-matching service for students, staff and faculty in partnership with the Jack Bell Foundation, which adds your name, schedule and locations to a region wide database. To register for BCIT ride share, scroll to BCIT on the Jack Bell Ride-Share homepage "Sign Up at a Subsite" drop-down menu. Registration forms are also available at the Student Association office in SE2.

The Burnaby campus also shares an online ride-matching service with other workplaces in the area, such as Telus, ICBC and the Open Learning Agency. To put your name in for this service, visit