Green Team Vision and Mission

Who we are (our vision)

BCIT Green Team: Employees inspiring change from the ground up.

What we aim to do (our mission)

To reduce the institute's ecological footprint by engaging BCIT employees through sustainability initiatives that create awareness, participation, and behaviour change.

The tactics we use

  1. Share information with the BCIT community about sustainability issues, events, and initiatives.
  2. Launch one green campaign every year.
  3. Organize BCIT's Bike-to-Work Commuter Station in Spring and Fall each year.
  4. Provide a forum for discussion, networking, and information sharing for employees with an interest in sustainability.
  5. Build relationships with other groups on campus (e.g. student association groups, Facilities Management) and support their sustainability activities or initiatives whenever possible.
  6. Educate ourselves and other BCIT employees regarding our impact on the environment.

A Green Team member is someone who:

Green Team members do a little or do a lot, it’s up to you!

New volunteers from the BCIT community are always welcome! To get involved, please email
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