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Living Lab projects at BCIT

We’ve been working on Living Lab projects at BCIT since 2006. Here’s a list of key projects with links to project information and partner websites where available.

Smart Microgrid program

The Smart Microgrid Program is a major research project exploring multiple aspects of power transmission, power generation, and measurement. The research is led by the Smart Microgrid Applied Research Team (SMART), and involves partners across BCIT, government and industry.

Project Partners
Energy Oasis: solar power and electric vehicle DC quick charge stations
Electric Vehicle (Level 2) Charge Stations Facilities & Campus Development
Co-Generation Grid Tie In School of Energy
Photovoltaic Panels
Micro Grid Meters
Environmental Controls Research School of Energy
Domestic Hot Water Central Control System
Wind Turbine

Factor Four

Factor Four is a multi-building project designed to explore techniques for reducing energy and materials consumption by 75%. The project is led by the School of Construction & Environment.

Project Partners
Eco Streets Interior Design Program
Dust Extraction System Facilities & Campus Development
NE6 Condensing Boilers Facilities & Campus Development

Spartan Controls Centre for energy education & research

The Spartan Controls Centre for Energy Education and Research uses a state-of the-art power generation facility to explore energy production, distribution and management. The project is led by the School of Energy.


Additional Living Lab projects

Here is a sampling of some of the other Living Lab projects underway across the Institute.

Project Sponsor & Partners
Elevated Green Roof Research Platform Centre for Architectural Ecology
Porous Pavement Testing Installation Civil Engineering Program
Assembly Structures for Building Performance Building Science Centre of Excellence
Aerial Imagery of Burnaby Campus Joint Project Geo-Matics Lab
Green Roof Research Modules Centre for Architectural Ecology
Gateway Geo-Thermal System Observation Window Schools of Energy and Construction & Environment