Campus Initiatives

BCIT serves a student body of approximately 48,000 learners at 5 campuses and 13 satellite locations across British Columbia.  In 2007, the Institute committed to transforming its campuses into living laboratories of sustainability, to further the evolution of environmental stewardship and sustainable development practices.

Burnaby Campus

Burnaby is BCIT's largest campus, with 60 buildings on 158 acres of land. The buildings are clustered, leaving 2/3 of the campus as green space.

Downtown Campus

The Downtown Campus has been named one of the top "smart buildings" in the world, with state of the art telecommunication and information technology.

Aerospace Technology Campus

The Aerospace Technology Campus was completed in 2008 and features geothermal heating, high efficiency lighting, and ecologically sensitive site design. more

Marine Campus

BCIT's Marine Campus trains marine professionals on energy-efficient transportation of goods.

Great Northern Way Campus

The Great Northern Way Campus is in the planning stages for re-development. Plans for the new campus focus on building community, ensuring transit access, and modeling sustainability. more

Located at the Great Northern Way Campus is the Centre for Architectural Ecology, which is developing expertise on green roof and living wall technologies. more