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Our purchasers specialize in certain School (Industry) programs and/or commodities.

Locate your Industry Program or commodity by using either the alpha listing or keyword search to find the appropriate purchaser.

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  Commodity/Dept. School/Area Buyer Alt.
1 Broadcast & Media Communications: Broadcast Journalism SoB JW HY
2 Broadcast & Media Communications: Radio SoB JW HY
3 Broadcast & Media Communications: Television SoB JW HY
4 FilmFLEX Technology Professional SoB JW HY
5 Business Administration: Bachelor of Business Administration SoB JW HY
6 Business Administration: Business Management SoB JW HY
7 Business Administration: Management Degree SoB JW HY
8 Business Administration: Business Management SoB JW HY
9 Business Administration: Human Resource Management SoB JW HY
10 Business Administration: Advanced Studies in Business SoB JW HY
11 Business Administration: Ecommerce SoB JW HY
12 Digital Arts: Design Essentials SoB JW HY
13 Digital Arts: Digital Animation SoB JW HY
14 Digital Arts: Media Techniques & Marketing Communication SoB JW HY
15 Digital Arts: Media Techniques for Business SoB JW HY
16 Digital Arts: New Media Design & Web Development SoB JW HY
17 Digital Arts: Web Technolgies SoB JW HY
18 Financial: Accounting SoB JW HY
19 Financial: Advanced Accounting SoB JW HY
20 Financial: Corporate Finance SoB JW HY
21 Financial: Financial Planning SoB JW HY
22 Financial: Professional Accounting SoB JW HY
23 Financial: Taxation SoB JW HY
24 Marketing: Professional Real Estate SoB JW HY
25 Marketing: Entrepreneurship SoB JW HY
26 Marketing: Marketing Communications SoB JW HY
27 Marketing: Professional Sales SoB JW HY
28 Marketing: Tourism Management SoB JW HY
29 Marketing: Marketing Management SoB JW HY
30 Operations: Business Information Technology Management SoB JW HY
31 Operations: International Business Management SoB JW HY
32 Operations: Business Operations Management SoB JW HY
33 Operations: Facilities Management SoB JW HY
34 Operations: Industrual Engineering SoB JW HY
35 Operations: Management Engineering SoB JW HY
36 Operations: Maerials Management SoB JW HY
37 Operations: Quality Management SoB JW HY
38 Operations: International Trade & Transportation Logistics SoB JW HY
39 Operations: Sustainable Energy Manager SoB JW HY
40 Peter Thomson Centre for Venture Development: FITTskills (International Trade Training) SoB JW HY
41 Peter Thomson Centre for Venture Development: Venture Program SoB JW HY
42 Computing CoCAS HY JW
43 Forensics: Computer Crime Studies CoCAS HY JW
44 Forensics: Econimic Crime Studies CoCAS HY JW
45 Forensics: Forensic Science Studies CoCAS HY JW
46 Forensics: Forensic Investiagion - General Criminalistics CoCAS HY JW
47 Forensics: Forensic & Investigative Accounting CoCAS HY JW
48 Academic Studies: Chemistry CoCAS HY JW
49 Academic Studies: Communication CoCAS HY JW
50 Academic Studies: Liberal Studies CoCAS HY JW
51 Academic Studies: Mathematics CoCAS HY JW
52 Academic Studies: Physics CoCAS HY JW
53 Academic Studies: Technical Writing CoCAS HY JW
54 Academic Studies: Technology Entry CoCAS HY JW
55 Applied & Natural Sciences: Brownfield Redevelopment SoCE RF KZ
56 Applied & Natural Sciences: Centre for Energy Systems Applications SoCE RF KZ
57 Applied & Natural Sciences: Ecology Restoration SoCE RF KZ
58 Applied & Natural Sciences: Environmental Engineering Technology SoCE RF KZ
59 Applied & Natural Sciences: Fish, Wildlife & Recreation SoCE RF KZ
60 Applied & Natural Sciences: Geographic Information Systems SoCE RF KZ
61 Applied & Natural Sciences: Geomatics SoCE RF KZ
62 Applied & Natural Sciences: Industrial Wood Processing & Management SoCE RF KZ
63 Applied & Natural Sciences: Mining & Mineral Exploration SoCE RF KZ
64 Applied & Natural Sciences: Rivers Institute SoCE RF KZ
65 Applied & Natural Sciences: Sustainable Energy Management SoCE RF KZ
66 Applied & Natural Sciences: Sustainable Resource Management SoCE RF KZ
67 Applied & Natural Sciences: Wood Product Sales & Distribution SoCE RF KZ
68 Energineering & Technical: Architectural Science SoCE RF KZ
69 Energineering & Technical: Architectural & Building Engineering Technology SoCE RF KZ
70 Energineering & Technical: Architectural & Structural CADD & Graphics Technician SoCE RF KZ
71 Energineering & Technical: Building Construction Technology SoCE RF KZ
72 Energineering & Technical: Building Design & Architectural CAD SoCE RF KZ
73 Energineering & Technical: Building Science Centre of Excllence SoCE RF KZ
74 Energineering & Technical: Acanadian Housing & Construction Centre SoCE RF KZ
75 Energineering & Technical: Centre for Architectural Ecology SoCE RF KZ
76 Energineering & Technical: Centre for Infrastructure Management SoCE RF KZ
77 Energineering & Technical: Civil Engineering SoCE RF KZ
78 Energineering & Technical: Construction Management SoCE RF KZ
79 Energineering & Technical: Construction Operations SoCE RF KZ
80 Energineering & Technical: Construction Supervision SoCE RF KZ
81 Energineering & Technical: Environmental Engineering Technology SoCE RF KZ
82 Energineering & Technical: Geographic Information Systems SoCE RF KZ
83 Energineering & Technical: Geomatics SoCE RF KZ
84 Energineering & Technical: Interior Design SoCE RF KZ
85 Energineering & Technical: International Construction Management SoCE RF KZ
86 Energineering & Technical: Mining & Mineral Exploration SoCE RF KZ
87 Trades & Apprenticeship: Benchperson SoCE RF KZ
88 Trades & Apprenticeship: Boilermaker SoCE RF KZ
89 Trades & Apprenticeship: Boilermaker Foundation SoCE RF KZ
90 Trades & Apprenticeship: Carpentry SoCE RF KZ
91 Trades & Apprenticeship: Carpentry Framing & Forming SoCE RF KZ
92 Trades & Apprenticeship: Circular Sawfiler SoCE RF KZ
93 Trades & Apprenticeship: Electrical SoCE RF KZ
94 Trades & Apprenticeship: Electrical Foundation SoCE RF KZ
95 Trades & Apprenticeship: Gasfitting SoCE RF KZ
96 Trades & Apprenticeship: Heat & Frost Insulator SoCE RF KZ
97 Trades & Apprenticeship: Hydronic Technician SoCE RF KZ
98 Trades & Apprenticeship: Interior Design SoCE RF KZ
99 Trades & Apprenticeship: Ironworker Generalist SoCE RF KZ
100 Trades & Apprenticeship: Ironworker Foundation SoCE RF KZ
101 Trades & Apprenticeship: Joinery SoCE RF KZ
102 Trades & Apprenticeship: Joindery Foundation SoCE RF KZ
103 Trades & Apprenticeship: Piledriver & Bridgeworker SoCE RF KZ
104 Trades & Apprenticeship: Piping Foundation SoCE RF KZ
105 Trades & Apprenticeship: Plumbing SoCE RF KZ
106 Trades & Apprenticeship: Pump Maintenance SoCE RF KZ
107 Trades & Apprenticeship: Sawfitting SoCE RF KZ
108 Trades & Apprenticeship: Security Systems Technician SoCE RF KZ
109 Trades & Apprenticeship: Sheet Metal SoCE RF KZ
110 Trades & Apprenticeship: Steamfitting SoCE RF KZ
111 Trades & Apprenticeship: Metal Fabricator SoCE RF KZ
112 Trades & Apprenticeship: Metal Fabricator Foundation SoCE RF KZ
113 Trades & Apprenticeship: Welding SoCE RF KZ
114 Mechanical: Bachelor of Energy in Mechanical SoE RF KZ
115 Mechanical: Bachelor of Energy in Manufacturing SoE RF KZ
116 Mechanical: Mechanical Design Technolgoy SoE RF KZ
117 Mechanical: Mechanical Manufacturing Technology SoE RF KZ
118 Mechanical: Mechanical Systems Technology SoE RF KZ
119 Mechanical: Mechatronics & Robotics Technology SoE RF KZ
120 Mechanical: Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning & Refrigeration SoE RF KZ
121 Mechanical: Refrigeration Apprenticeship SoE RF KZ
122 Mechanical: Refrigeration Mechanic Foundation SoE RF KZ
123 Mechanical: CNC Machinist Technician SoE RF KZ
124 Mechanical: Machinist Apprenticeship SoE RF KZ
125 Mechanical: Machinest Foundation SoE RF KZ
126 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical SoE RF KZ
127 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Bachelor of Technology in Electronics SoE RF KZ
128 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Computer Control Technology SoE RF KZ
129 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Electrical Power & Industrial Control Technology SoE RF KZ
130 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Telecommunications & Networks Technology SoE RF KZ
131 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Electronics Technician Common Core SoE RF KZ
132 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Computer & Business Equipment Technician SoE RF KZ
133 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Industrial Instrumentation & Controls Technician SoE RF KZ
134 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Wireless Communications Technician SoE RF KZ
135 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Internet Systems Technician SoE RF KZ
136 Electronics & Computer Information Systems: Networking Systems Technician SoE RF KZ
137 Industrial Processes: Analytical Science SoE RF KZ
138 Industrial Processes: Process Engineering SoE RF KZ
139 Industrial Processes: Power Engineering (General & Technical) SoE RF KZ
140 Industrial Processes: Power & Process Engineering SoE RF KZ
141 Industrial Processes: Millwright Apprenticeship SoE RF KZ
142 Industrial Processes: Millwright Foundation SoE RF KZ
143 Specialty Program: Technolgoy Teacher Education SoE RF KZ
144 Part-Time Studies Programs: Assery SoE RF KZ
145 Part-Time Studies Programs: Cisco SoE RF KZ
146 Part-Time Studies Programs: CAD SoE RF KZ
147 Part-Time Studies Programs: CNC SoE RF KZ
148 Part-Time Studies Programs: Fire Protection Inspection & Testing SoE RF KZ
149 Part-Time Studies Programs: Industrial Processes Systems - Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing SoE RF KZ
150 Part-Time Studies Programs: Network Administrator - Microsoft, Unix/Linux SoE RF KZ
151 Part-Time Studies Programs: Nondesructive Testing & Training SoE RF KZ
152 Part-Time Studies Programs: Oil & Gas Processing SoE RF KZ
153 Part-Time Studies Programs: Power Engineering Distance & Online Education SoE RF KZ
154 Part-Time Studies Programs: Plastic Technology SoE RF KZ
155 Academic: Basic Health Sciences SoHS SM KZ
156 Biomedical Engineering: Biomedical Engineering SoHS SM KZ
157 Biomedical Engineering: Cardiovascular SoHS SM KZ
158 Biomedical Engineering: Electroneurophysiology SoHS SM KZ
159 Biomedical Engineering: Pacemaker SoHS SM KZ
160 Food Safety & Processing: Food Technology SoHS SM KZ
161 Food Safety & Processing: Food Safety SoHS SM KZ
162 Health Management: Health Care Management Level 1 & 2 SoHS SM KZ
163 Health Protection: Environmental Health (Public Health Inspector) SoHS SM KZ
164 Health Protection: Occupational Health & Safety SoHS SM KZ
165 Laboratory Sciences: Biotechnology SoHS SM KZ
166 Laboratory Sciences: Clinical Genetics SoHS SM KZ
167 Laboratory Sciences: Medical Laboroatory SoHS SM KZ
168 Medical Imaging Technologies: Adult Echocardiography SoHS SM KZ
169 Medical Imaging Technologies: Breast Imaging SoHS SM KZ
170 Medical Imaging Technologies: Computed Tomography SoHS SM KZ
171 Medical Imaging Technologies: Diagnostic Medical Sonography SoHS SM KZ
172 Medical Imaging Technologies: Magnetic Resonance Imaging SoHS SM KZ
173 Medical Imaging Technologies: Medical Imaging SoHS SM KZ
174 Medical Imaging Technologies: Medical Radiography SoHS SM KZ
175 Medical Imaging Technologies: Nuclear Medice SoHS SM KZ
176 Nursing & Specialty Nursing: Nursing SoHS SM KZ
177 Nursing & Specialty Nursing: Specialty Nursing (for Registered Nurses) SoHS SM KZ
178 Nursing & Specialty Nursing: Bachelor of Science, Specialty Nursing Degree SoHS SM KZ
179 Therapeutics: Prosthetics & Orthotics SoHS SM KZ
180 Theerapeutics: Radiation Therapy SoHS SM KZ
181 Aerospace: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Category E/B2 (Avionics) SoT RF KZ
182 Aerospace: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Category "M" (Maintenance) SoT RF KZ
183 Aerospace: Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Category "S" (Structures) SoT RF KZ
184 Aerospace: Airline & Flight Operations - Commercial Pilot SoT RF KZ
185 Aerospace: Airport Operations SoT RF KZ
186 Aerospace: Gas Turbine/Jet Engine Technician SoT RF KZ
187 Marine: Bridge Watchman SoT RF KZ
188 Marine: Chief Mate SoT RF KZ
189 Marine: Marine Engineering (Cadet) SoT RF KZ
190 Marine: Master 150 GT Domestic SoT RF KZ
191 Marine: Master 500 GT Domestic SoT RF KZ
192 Marine: Master 3000 GT Domestic SoT RF KZ
193 Marine: Nautical Sciences (Cadet) SoT RF KZ
194 Marine: Watchkeeping Mate Near Coastal (WKMNC() SoT RF KZ
195 Marine: Marine Emergency Duties courses SoT RF KZ
196 Marine: Simulator & Radio Courses SoT RF KZ
197 Marine: Tanker Safety Courses SoT RF KZ
198 Motive Power: Automotive Refinishing & Repair Programs SoT RF KZ
199 Motive Power: Automotive Technician Programs SoT RF KZ
200 Motive Power: Heavy Equipment Programs SoT RF KZ
201 Motive Power: Mobile Equipment Operator Courses SoT RF KZ
202 Motive Power: Power Sport Programs SoT RF KZ
203 Motive Power: Rail Program SoT RF KZ
204 Computers General JW HY
205 Furniture General HY JW
206 Mailing Supplies & Services General KZ RF
207 Media Supplies - LTC General HY JW
208 Media Supplies - AV General HY JW
209 Photographic Supplies & Service General HY JW
210 Printers General JW HY
211 Toner Cartridges, Supplies & Service General KZ SM
212 Chemicals General KZ RF
213 Gas - Compressed, Medical General KZ RF
214 Laboratory Supplies & Services General SM KZ
215 Medical Supplies & Services General SM KZ
216 Appliances - Microwaves, Fridges, Stoves General HY JW
217 Rental - Vehicle General JL KZ
218 Fine Paper General KZ SM
219 Fire Extinguisher Supplies & Service General KZ RF
220 Fluorescent Tubes, Bulbs, Ballasts General KZ RF
221 Forms General KZ RF
222 Fuels, Solvents, Oils General KZ RF
223 Gloves (non-inventoried) General KZ RF
224 Hazardous Waste General KZ RF
225 Janitorial Supplies General KZ RF
226 Laundry, Linen, Coveralls, Mats General KZ RF
227 Mapping Supplies & Services General KZ RF
228 Promotional Supplies & Service General SM RF
229 Propane General KZ RF
230 Rental - Bus General JL KZ
231 Stationary Supplies General JL KZ
232 Systems Contracts (BCIT inventoried items) General KZ RF
233 Batteries - Dry Cell General KZ RF
234 Batteries - Wet Cell General KZ RF
235 Drafting Supplies & Services General RF SM
236 Lumber General RF RF
237 Printing Supplies & Services General KZ SM
238 Steel & Metals General RF RF
239 Welding Supplies & Service General RF RF
240 Customs General VL RS
241 Radios, PDA's, Cell Phones, Licenses General HY JW
242 Shipping Supplies General KZ RF
243 Software & Licensing General SM HY
244 Waste Disposal General KZ RF
245 Food Services General VL RS
246 Insurance General VL SH
247 Janitorial General VL RS
248 Security General VL RS
249 Travel General VL RS
250 Vehicles General VL RF
251 Courier General KZ SM
252 Natural Gas General VL RS
253 Signage General KZ SM
254 Alarms - Security & Fire Safety & Security KZ JW
255 Locksmith Supplies & Service Safety & Security KZ JW
256 Safety & Security Safety & Security KZ JW
257 Parking Safety & Security VL RS
258 Co-Op Education Technical Safety & Security KZ SM
259 Co-Op Education Trades Safety & Security KZ SM
260 Counselling Safety & Security KZ SM
261 Employment Placement Services Safety & Security KZ SM
262 Financial Aid & Awards Safety & Security KZ SM
263 First Nations Safety & Security KZ SM
264 Medical Services Safety & Security KZ SM
265 Program Advising Safety & Security KZ SM
266 Recreation & Athletics Safety & Security KZ SM
267 Research & Planning Institutional Safety & Security KZ SM
268 Student Housing Safety & Security KZ SM
269 Student Records Safety & Security KZ SM
270 Student Services Safety & Security KZ SM
271 Time Tabling Safety & Security KZ SM
272 MRO General KZ SM
273 ARCS Lab - Mathissi Place Technology Centre HY JW
274 Technology Centre - Mathissi Place Technology Centre HY JW
275 Cellular Phones Telecommunication/ITS JL KZ
276 Pagers Telecommunication/ITS JL KZ
277 Telephones Telecommunication/ITS JL KZ
278 Facilities Projects - Construction Facilities HY JW
279 Facilities Projects - Renovation Facilities HY JW
280 President's Office Administration KZ SM
281 Communications IT Services JW HY
282 Computer Network Supplies & Services IT Services JW HY
283 Computer Resources IT Services JW HY
284 Computer Systems Technology IT Services JW HY
285 Computing & Information Technology IT Services JW HY
286 Landscaping Facilities KZ HY
287 Maintenance Facilities KZ HY
288 Recycling Facilities KZ HY