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Build a Career in the Piping Trades

The Piping Trades consist of Plumbing, Steamfitting, Gas Fitting and Sprinklerfitting. When choosing a career, make sure you look at employability and diversity of the job and skills. These two factors keep you earning income for your needs and free of repetitive boredom.

Piping Foundation Program

The Piping Foundation program prepares students for entry-level employment in the piping trades:

  • Plumbing
  • Steamfitting
  • Gasfitting
  • Sprinkler-fitting

By experiencing all four trade specialties, students will be prepared to make an informed decision about which career path best suits them if they decide to pursue an apprenticeship.

Registrations are open

Our Spring/Summer part-time studies courses are accepting registrations.

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Work with domestic hot and cold water, drainage systems, and hydronic heating systems. Many plumbers hold gas tickets because of the widespread use of natural gas in British Columbia.


Install, alter, maintain, and repair piping systems that convey low and high pressure steam, hot water, air, fuel gases, fuel, and finely divided solids.

Gasfitter – Class B

Design, install, repair and maintain gas fired appliances, equipment and distribution piping systems. Advances in modern appliance controls technology require gas fitters to develop strong electrical, computer and trouble shooting skills.

Sprinkler Fitter

Install, alter, and repair automatic, deluge, or open sprinklers; foam, fog, and carbon dioxide systems; wet or dry standpipes; inside first aid and hose pipe systems, private fire hydrant systems, fire pumps, and all related equipment.

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