BCIT Credentials :: Graduate Degrees & Certificates

Master's Degrees

The master’s degree has become a major source of innovation in higher education as the primary credential for people who are improving and updating their professional skills. Responding to this demand for higher levels of applied knowledge to foster technological innovation, BCIT now offers the following master's degrees:

All BCIT master's degrees include coursework and a research component and resemble traditional models in their quality and rigour. However, a distinct BCIT applied flavour is embedded into the degree structure. Coursework includes both advanced studies in the particular area of study and study of professional practices such as intellectual property, product commercialization, and project management. The applied research component consists of two research courses and an applied research thesis or project.

BCIT will selectively develop and offer additional master’s degrees that align with the Institution’s strategic plan and educational mandate. Please visit this page again for updates.

Graduate Certificates

Graduate certificates are programs at the master's level, usually requiring a bachelor degree for entry. These programs provide students with rigorous learning experiences that blend theoretical knowledge with practical applications. Graduate certificates may be stand-alone programs, or they may ladder into master's degrees at recognized post-secondary institutions world-wide.