Our Credentials

A highly recognized education opens doors. We offer a number of credentials that will allow you to develop as leaders in your chosen field:

Effective August 1, 2014, BCIT will begin to graduate all students with new credentials.

Over the past several years, the BCIT Education Council undertook a process of reviewing BCIT’s credentials with the aim of streamlining the number of credentials and providing some criteria on how each are defined. The goals were to:

  • Simplify the types of credentials we offer
  • Ensure consistency with other post-secondary institutions
  • Define credential credits
  • Provide added guidance on program lengths, entrance requirements and level of rigor
  • Allow laddering into other programs and credentials

The number of credentials has been streamlined from 26 down to 13. The certificate and diploma credential names have also been simplified by removing descriptors in the credential name (such as ‘technology’, ‘trades training’, ‘specialty’ or ‘management’). Removal of the descriptors for certificates and diplomas brings BCIT in line with how most post-secondary institutions name these credentials.

Existing Credential New Credential
Advanced Certificate Advanced Certificate
Advanced Diploma Advanced Diploma
Advanced Specialty Certificate Advanced Certificate
Associate Certificate Associate Certificate
Associate Certificate of Technical Studies Associate Certificate
Bachelor of ______ Bachelor of ______
Industry Partnership Certificate Industry Partnership Certificate
Certificate Certificate
Certificate of Technical Studies Certificate
Certificate of Technology Certificate
Certificate of Trades Training Certificate
Diploma of Technical Studies Diploma
Diploma of Technology (inc. Post Diploma) Diploma
Diploma of Trades Training Diploma
Diploma Diploma
Graduate Certificate Graduate Certificate
Intermediate Certificate Certificate
Management Certificate Certificate
Master of _______ Master of _______
Senior Management Certificate Certificate