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ORGB 7160 - Sustainable Organizational Change Management and Leadership

Organizational Behaviour Part-time Studies Course

School of Business + Media

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Course Details

The Sustainable Organizational Change Management and Leadership course will focus on preparing students to be a "sustainability champion", i.e. a person who is leading a change effort in an organization towards sustainability. The course will focus on practical tools and concepts that are useful from this perspective. In addition, students will have an opportunity to add to their personal facilitation tool box so they have the skills necessary to engage their peers in a sustainability change process. The course will feature interactive exercises and classes will be developed around four steps to create an engaging learning environment: anchoring student experience in the issue at hand, adding a practical concept to help address the issue, applying the concept in practice, and reflecting on real-world applicability once students are away from the class. The course will also include guest lecturers who are currently championing sustainability efforts to share lessons learned and advise students on their course work and future career path. This course is complemented by a keystone project in the program where students will have an opportunity to apply concepts and lessons learned from this course. Note: This course is offered in the Fall term.



This course was retired after the Fall 2020 term and is no longer offered through BCIT Part-time Studies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe a model of organizational change and sustainability.
  • Extrapolate successful practices of sustainability champions to their own area of work.
  • Extrapolate key de-railers of sustainability change processes to their own area of work.
  • Create a business case for how sustainability can create value for an organization.
  • Address common objections for taking a proactive organizational stance on sustainability.
  • Analyze an organization through socio-ecological principles of sustainability to identify key sustainability challenges.
  • Articulate a robust and engaging vision and strategic goals for sustainability.
  • Articulate common blunders, de-railers and paradoxes that sustainability champions will face.
  • Analyze an organization’s governance and culture with respect to readiness for sustainability change.
  • Identify initiatives to align governance and organizational culture to support a transition to sustainability.
  • Draw from a toolbox of practical facilitation concepts that can be applied to engage their peers in sustainability and change, e.g. games, simulations, dialogic Leadership, facilitation techniques, adult learning, workshop design, World Cafe.

Effective as of Winter 2016

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