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OCHS 3200 - Safety System Analysis

Occupational Health and Safety Part-time Studies Course

School of Health Sciences

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This course develops student ability to objectively analyze (audit) the effectiveness of an organization's occupational health and safety program and overall safety system. Explores several measurement and analysis tools and investigates various approaches used to determine safety program effectiveness. Explains and contrasts compliance analyses and best practice analyses. Describes several methods of designing and administering review criteria, questionnaires, perception surveys, interviews, and a final report. You analyze either the workplace inspection component or the safety committee component of a safety program at an organization of your choice. Plan to spend about twelve hours at the workplace you choose. You observe the work and the work environment, review documents, administer a questionnaire, and conduct interviews. You present the results of your component analysis in a final report.


OCHS 2200 or approval from department.





Fall 2019

Below are two offerings of this course for the Fall 2019 term.

CRN 35685

Tue Sep 03 - Fri Nov 22 12 Weeks

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Dates Days Times Locations
Sep 03 - Nov 22 Distance



Course Outline




  1. Guided learning format.
  2. This Distance Education course is delivered through a combination of: PRINT (Course Manual) + ONLINE. Internet access is required. To be successful, plan to spend 8-12 hours per week on your studies, starting Week 1. Tutor support is available by e-mail (or by phone, if pre-arranged). Upon registration, expect to receive a confirmation e-mail entitled “OCHS 3200 - Fall Term - Course Information from BCIT”. Ensure you have an active e-mail address on file with BCIT so you don't miss this important e-mail. PRINT COURSE MANUAL / BOOKSTORE: The above price is for tuition only. The Course Manual is additional. Place your order with the BCIT Bookstore online at or by phone at 604-432-8379 / 1-877-333-8379 (option 3) - on or after July 22. ONLINE COMPONENT: Accessible the morning of September 3 - and includes the: Course Outline, Course Study Guide, and Assignment Package. Login via The Learning Hub at: SPONSORED STUDENTS: Information is available on the BCIT website. For course registration: For course materials: It is recommended that a “Proposed Program” (outlining the entire OH&S 45-credit Certificate) be requested by contacting the Program Head, Dave Wood at 604-432-8220 / 1-800-663-6542, ext. 8220 or This “Proposed Program” will assist both sponsor and sponsored student with overall course planning and costs. Contact with the Program Head should be made at least 4 weeks prior to term start. IMPORTANT: Late registration will NOT be accepted (registration closes the day before the term starts - subject to availability). This course will be offered again in the Winter 2020 Term (January-March). Registration will open Wednesday, October 23 -- online or by phone (604-434-1610 / 1-866-434-1610, option 2).
  3. Important course information will be sent to you prior to your course start date. Check your myBCIT email account to access this information.

CRN 35686

Tue Sep 03 - Fri Nov 22 12 Weeks

Class Meeting Times

Dates Days Times Locations
Sep 03 - Nov 22 Distance


Lesley Norris

Course Outline




  1. Available for re-registration (course extension) only.
  2. RE-REGISTER in this section ONLY if you were registered in the previous Spring Term, and did not complete all course requirements. This is a one-time option to extend for another 12-week term at a reduced tuition fee. Course work submitted in the Spring Term will be retained; you are ONLY required to submit outstanding course work. Tutor support is available by e-mail (or by phone, if pre-arranged). Upon Re-Registration, expect to receive a confirmation e-mail entitled “OCHS 3200 - Fall Term - Course Information from BCIT”. NO additional print course materials are required from the BCIT Bookstore. The Student Handbook will be available online prior to the Fall Term at: Your initial course from the Spring Term will remain open for VIEWING for several years. HOWEVER, access to your Re-Registration course in the Fall Term will be available on September 3. You will need to access the Fall Term of the course in order to submit any outstanding assignments. Login via The Learning Hub at: NOTE: If you previously completed all course requirements, and failed the course - DO NOT RE-REGISTER. You must register in the Distance Learning course again at full tuition.
  3. Important course information will be sent to you prior to your course start date. Check your myBCIT email account to access this information.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Explain the purpose of an SPR.
  • Describe the reasons for conducting reviews and identify their various types.
  • Identify the information that should be included in the review.
  • Identify employer’s motivation for an SPR with respect to the challenges it might present.
  • Discuss the responsibilities of the employer to communicate clear objectives.
  • Describe the responsibilities of a reviewer with respect to their role and necessary skills.
  • Develop a terms of reference agreement.
  • Discuss pre-review activities.
  • Prepare a schedule of review activities.
  • Explain the activities used to gather information.
  • Identify the types of documents that are reviewed.
  • Describe the desired contents of the documents to be reviewed.
  • Understand the purpose of the observation tour.
  • Distinguish the difference between an inspection and an observation tour.
  • Discuss the process of conducting interviews.
  • Select a sample population.
  • Conduct different types of interview.
  • Write interview questions for one element of the review.
  • Explain the importance of confidentiality.
  • Compare the format of different review instruments and evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.
  • Explain how review criteria are developed.
  • Identify the influences of corporate policy, legal requirements, best practices, industry standards, and due diligence on the choice of criteria.
  • Explain how verification methods relate to the review criteria.
  • Choose or design an instrument for recording findings.
  • Develop criteria for one focus area of a safety program review.
  • Compare different scoring techniques.
  • Discuss the key steps of the evaluation procedure.
  • Discuss the purpose of the exit meeting and how to prepare for it.
  • Describe the purpose of the SPR report.
  • Demonstrate your knowledge of the structure and presentation strategies of a formal report by writing a SPR report.
  • Review the essentials of an appropriate writing style.
  • Demonstrate how the review instrument shapes the findings.
  • Demonstrate how the process of analyzing the findings leads to conclusions.
  • Explain how the conclusions lead to recommendations for corrective action.
  • Describe the purpose and different styles of making recommendations.
  • Compare short-term and long-term solutions.
  • Conduct a close-out meeting.
  • Demonstrate your ability to present recommendations by creating a PowerPoint presentation or writing an executive summary for your report.

Effective as of Winter 2016

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