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NSPE 7210 - Pediatric Critical Care Theory 2

Nursing Specialty Pediatric Part-time Studies Course

School of Health Sciences

Course Details

Intended for those who already have worked in a pediatric acute care setting and are interested in a pediatric critical care focus. One of the main focuses of this course is on the physiologic effects of illness, its treatment, and the nurse’s role in the promotion of health and healing. Within the holistic care of the critically-ill child, emphasis is on assessment, anticipation, early recognition, prevention, and emergency rescue within the context of a family centered multidiciplinary team. Using a case study format, this course addresses the health challenges commonly seen in pediatric critical care settings. Specifically it addresses shock, respiratory failure, ventilation, sepsis, neurologic impairment, non- accidental, trauma, renal failure, DKA and pain management. Each case explores assessment, developmental and family issues.


NSPE 7100 and 1 year of experience in a pediatric acute care setting.



This course was retired after the Winter 2019 term and is no longer offered through BCIT Part-time Studies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Develop critical-thinking skills within the context of caring for children with serious illness or injury.
  • Develop communication and collaboration skills in order to establish and maintain partnerships with children with serious illness.
  • Integrate principles of growth and development, knowledge of normal and pathophysiology, and family­centered care in order to manage the care of the seriously-ill child.
  • Develop a systematic approach to inquiry regarding serious pediatric health challenges.
  • Begin to develop a perspective of a child’s experience with serious illness.

Effective as of Winter 2012

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