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BCIT Part-time Studies

Course Availability

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses over the next two terms. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

Course Number Course Name Spring/Summer 2019 Availability Fall 2019 Availability
ENAV 2450 Leadership and Teamwork No Yes
ENAV 2475 Leadership and Managerial Skills No Yes
NAUT 1480 Master Limited under 60 GRT No No
NAUT 1805 Communications 1 No No
NAUT 1809 Communications 2 No No
NAUT 1820 C&P 2 - Chartwork and Pilotage 2 No No
NAUT 1826 Astro Navigation 2 No No
NAUT 1832 Navigation Systems and Instruments No No
NAUT 1835 Deviascope No No
NAUT 1840 NS 1 - Navigation Safety 1 No Yes
NAUT 1845 Navigation Safety 2 No Yes
NAUT 1850 MET 1 - Meteorology 1 No Yes
NAUT 1855 Meteorology 2 No No
NAUT 1856 Ship Management 2 No No
NAUT 1857 Ship Management 3 No No
NAUT 1862 Ship Management 4 No Yes
NAUT 1863 SCS 3 - Ship Construction and Stability 3 No Yes
NAUT 1864 SCS 4 - Ship Construction and Stability 4 No No
NAUT 1865 Ship Construction and Stability 5 No No
NAUT 1869 Engineering Knowledge 1 No Yes
NAUT 1870 Engineering Knowledge 2 No Yes
NAUT 1874 GSK 3 - General Ship Knowledge 3 No No
NAUT 1876 Cargo 1 No Yes
NAUT 1877 CG2 - Cargo 2 No No
NAUT 1878 Cargo 3 No No
NAUT 1882 General Seamanship - Watchkeeping Mate Near Coastal No No
NAUT 1885 General Seamanship Chief Mate No No
NAUT 1886 General Seamanship Master 150GT Domestic No No
NAUT 1887 General Seamanship - Master 500 GT Domestic No No
NAUT 1888 General Seamanship - Master 3000 GT Domestic No No

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Programs and courses are subject to change without notice.

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