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COMP 3906 - iPhone Application Development

Computer Systems Part-time Studies Course

School of Computing and Academic Studies

Course Details

COMP 3906 is replaced by COMP 3912. This hands-on course is designed for experienced object oriented programmers who already know how to write code in a high level OO language (Java, C++, or C#). Working in teams each student will require their own iPhone/iTouch, plus an Intel based MacBook running OSX v10.6 or higher. BCIT students who do not currently have an Intel based MacBook are entitled to obtain one from Apple Canada at a discount. They will focus on application design for the iPhone platform, writing code on their own Intel based Mac under OSX. Starting with an intensive overview of the Objectve-c language, followed by an introduction to the iPhone platform, special attention will be placed on the user interface components of current popular iPhone apps and games. Topics include; Objectve-c,the Cocoa Touch API, memory management, user input and data persistence including Core Data, SQLite,NSUserDefaults and Plists, working with audio, video and the accelerometer. The BCIT School of Computing is a member of the Apple iPhone Developer University program, providing access to Apple resources for the development, testing, and distribution of iPhone applications. Participants will work on a number of simple applications during the course. Each student will also have the opportunity to create and present an iPhone application of their own design.


COMP 2613 or COMP 2614 or COMP 2617 or equivalent knowledge in Object Oriented Programming with Java, C#, or C++.



This course was retired after the Winter 2014 term and is no longer offered through BCIT Part-time Studies.

Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the basics of the iPhone programming Architecture.
  • Understand the basics of iPhone's capabilities and limitations.
  • Explain the application process to become an Apple iPhone Developer.
  • Illustrate the iPhone development Process and explain the basics of the Model View Controller architecture.
  • Explain and work with .h and .m files.
  • Understand and utilize NSLog, properties, conditionals, instance variables, classes, strings, arrays, loops, methods and pointers.
  • Employ basic Debugging and trouble shooting.
  • Explore and use UI Elements and drawing.
  • Apply proper memory management rules.
  • Persist data (XML, text, SQLite, User Defaults, Core Data).
  • Work with timers, audio and video and perform animations.
  • Handle Touch Events, connect to the Internet ,Web Services and track device orientation and motion using the accelerometer.
  • Utilize objective-c, Cocoa Touch, and UIKit to create iPhone/iPod Touch applications.
  • Build and Test and Optimize a simple iPhone application.
  • Explain the process required to publish and submit an iPhone application.

Effective as of Winter 2011

Programs and courses are subject to change without notice.

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