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BCIT Part-time Studies

Course Availability

The table below indicates if there are seats available in the following courses for the current term. To view availability and register in specific classes, please view their respective course pages via the links below.

Course Number Course Name Winter 2019 Availability
BUSA 7250 Management Skills and Applications Check course page
EENG 7200 Principles of Sustainability Check course page
EENG 7211 Chemistry & Organic Chemistry No
EENG 7213 Environmental Methods & Techniques No
EENG 7215 Applied Hydraulics No
EENG 7216 Soil Mechanics & Hydrogeology No
EENG 7220 Industrial Ecology No
EENG 7221 Environmental Toxicology Check course page
EENG 7241 Contaminant Hydrogeology Check course page
EENG 7242 Groundwater Modeling No
EENG 7717 Hydrology for EET No
EENG 7719 Survey Techniques for EET No
EENG 8201 Terrain & Stream Channel Assessment No
EENG 8202 Forest Road Construction & Rehabilitation No
EENG 8211 Mining, Oil & Gas Development & Restoration Check course page
EENG 8220 Foundations of Sustainable Energy No
EENG 8221 Introduction to Green Buildings & Infrastructure No
EENG 8222 Run of River IPP No
EENG 8223 Solar & Wind Power No
EENG 8224 Optimizing & Specifying Geo-Exchange Systems No
EENG 8226 Thermal Energy Systems No
EENG 8250 Municipal Wastewater Treatment Check course page
EENG 8253 Industrial Wastewater Treatment No
EENG 8255 Drinking Water Treatment No
EENG 8256 Integrated Water Resource Management No
EENG 8260 Integrated Solid Waste Management No
EENG 8262 Landfill Design & Operation No
EENG 8268 Residuals Management & Treatment No
EENG 8270 Contaminated Site Investigation Check course page
EENG 8272 Contaminated Site Remediation No
EENG 8273 Sampling Methods for Contaminated Sites No
EENG 8281 Risk Assessment & Management No
EENG 8282 Sustainability Management Systems Check course page
EENG 8285 Environmental Decision-Making No
EENG 8286 Environmental Impact Assessment Check course page
EENG 8287 Project Management No
EENG 8290 Air Quality Management No
EENG 8291 Industrial Air Pollution Control Techniques No
EENG 8292 Air Quality Monitoring & Testing No
EENG 8293 Climate, Energy and Carbon Management Check course page
EENG 8294 Applied Meteorology & Climatology No
EENG 8295 Air Quality Dispersion Modeling Check course page
EENG 8300 Applied Research Skills Check course page
EENG 8303 Applied Research Project Check course page
EENG 8780 Environmental Law 1 Check course page
LIBS 7001 Critical Reading and Writing Check course page
LIBS 7002 Applied Ethics Check course page

Yes No Check course page

Programs and courses are subject to change without notice.

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Registration is currently open for the Winter 2019 term.

The sneak preview for the Spring/Summer 2019 term starts Fri, Feb 15 at 8:30 am (PST).

Students may register for Spring/Summer 2019 term courses online, by phone, mail or in-person starting Wed, Feb 20 at 9:00 am (PST).

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Classroom locations are subject to last minute changes. Please check the Part-time Studies Classroom Locations listing at on the first day of any course you are registered for.

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