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Meet Your Student Life Ambassadors


Student Experience Ambassadors


Analyn Ballano

2nd Year Student, Architectural and Building Technology Program
School of Construction and the Environment

My name is Analyn and I am in the ABT program and in my last year at BCIT. I am happy to be studying my four year old dream job here at BCIT. Hopefully to become an architect designer one day.

During my time at BCIT, I have received so much support. As this will be my last year, I want to not only be a student here but also be a part of a deeper meaning here. This is why I wanted to become a Student Life Ambassador. This way I can connect with BCIT students and work with all the services BCIT has to offer. I hope my role as an SLA will inspire future students in becoming a SLA and to leave good memories here at BCIT. I look forward to seeing you all around campus this school year!


Aruzhan Basbulat

2nd Year Student, Accounting Program, School of Business and Media

Hi! I am Aru, 2nd year Accounting Diploma student. I hope to pass Audit course by the end of the year. I came from Aktau, the city on the West of Kazakhstan, near the Caspian Sea. So, I enjoy taking pictures of beautiful views around me and different outdoor activities.

As an international student, I now know the challenges that people can face in a new country, and therefore I’m striving to make it easier for the new and returning students to enjoy this studying year. Student life is not only sitting in the library, right?

In my first year, there were supportive people for me. That’s why, as SLA, I want to encourage others to keep going to the way they choose and to remember that BCIT is always there to provide help and support through various services it offers.


Estefany Quintero

2nd Year Student, Business Management
School of Business

Hi, my name is Estefany, and I am currently a Business Management student. I have been enrolled in BCIT since 2019. I got into the International Student Entry Program (ISEP) to study English as a pathway to my chosen full-time program at BCIT, and after one year in ISEP, I got accepted into my major. I am currently volunteering as an International Peer Mentor as well as WUSC Peer Mentor and working as a Student Life Ambassador at BCIT.

As an International student, I know how hard can be to get adjusted to a new country, school, and even new people. So, that is one of the reasons I decided to become a Student Life Ambassador SLA to assist not only international students but also domestic students during their transition to post-secondary school.

As an SLA, I will be more than happy to assist you by answering your diverse range of questions about BCIT Students Services and the Resources available for us as students. If you ever have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me or to any of the SLAs. You can find us around campuses during the whole school year 2022-2023.


Pallavi Kaushal

2nd Year Student, Marketing Communications
School of Business

Hi, my name is Pallavi Kaushal (pronouns she/her) and I am a second-year marketing management (communications) student at BCIT. I am an international student basically from India who came to Canada last year to pursue her higher education. I would say I am happy and proud to chose BCIT.

Through the role of SLA, I want to impact the journey of students at BCIT which is not any less than a roller-coaster that have both ups and downs. I would like to help students throughout their journey by creating a more positive, welcoming, and supportive environment. Also, I am excited to explore more opportunities, meet new people and learn endlessly through this role.

Please reach out for any assistance, I’ll be pleased to help you in best way possible. You are even more than welcomed to just say hey on the way. 🙂


Pasha Gamal

2nd Year Student, Global Trade and Transportation Management
School of Business

Hello! My name is Pasha. I’m currently a 2nd year Global Trade and Transportation Management program.

I came from Jakarta, a huge metropolitan city with interesting things always around the corner. As someone who likes to pay attention to urban planning and public transportation systems in my free time, exploring the city I’m currently residing in is one of my favorite things to do. So far, I really love exploring Vancouver! Riding down the Skytrains and taking the bus to go wherever is so fun.

By becoming a Student Life Ambassador, I am striving to help fellow BCIT students to know more about what else that BCIT has to offer beyond the information available online. I’m also keen to explore my own potential by meeting new people, improving not only my communication skill but also teamwork. 

Hence, what’s more pleasurable than to connect and help fellow BCIT students to explore the excitement of college life? Release any tension you have and say hi to me on campus!


Thanh Nguyen

2nd Year Student, Video Production
School of Business

Hey all. I’m Thanh. I am one of the student life ambassadors for this year (confetti emoji). I decided to apply because it seemed like a fun way to further get involved into our community. They also gave me a free pen.

I am a broadcasting student here, taking courses for the video production program. It’s a good time. I play basketball, watch a lot of movies, and play a debilitating amount of Valorant (former League main).

I am excited to become more involved in the campus, and here’s hoping we can get BCIT’s ratemyprof social score a little higher (sunglasses emoji). k thanks for reading!


Student Well-being Ambassadors


Semih Erguven

2nd Year Student, Computer Systems Technology Diploma Program
School of Computing and Academic Studies

Hi, my name is Semih and I am a second year student in Computer Systems Technology program. I came to Canada in 2021. As an international student, I would like to be more involved in this community that I have been a part of lately. I believe being a Student Life Ambassador is one of the best ways I can achieve this. In addition to contributing to this valuable community, being a Student Life Ambassador gives me the opportunity to broaden my perspective by meeting new people. If you see me on campus, feel free to say “Hi”.