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Meet Your Student Life Ambassadors

Student Life Ambassador with long, dark hair wearing glassesCatherine Nguyen

2nd Year Student, Business Management Program

Hi! My name is Catherine and I am currently a 2nd year Business Management student. I decided to apply for this position in order to interact with more students (on a non academic level!). As a Student Life Ambassador, my goal is to inform students of all the services available on campus. Did you know that Media Works has VR, AR and 3D printing!? Those services and more are available for all students to use; many free of cost! Being an SLA also means that I get to plan fun events around campus. All around, SLAs are here to help you with any questions you may have about the resources at BCIT, so feel free to come up and chat with us!

student life ambassador with long dark hearFaith Gazmen

2nd Year Student, Marketing Management Program    

Hey! I’m Faith and I am a second-year Marketing Management student majoring in Marketing Communications. Helping, supporting, and being part of someone else’s success are what drove me to become a Student Life Ambassador. As a student in BCIT, I have experienced the lifestyle of being enrolled in the institution. It is difficult and uncomfortable. Although, with the help of the services that BCIT offered, I was able to overcome my struggles as a student. From finances to my mental health, BCIT got me covered. Making sure that each student is aware of these perks is my goal as a Student Life Ambassador. Please don’t be shy to approach me if you have any questions on how to access these perks. I’ll be happy to assist you!

student life ambassador with long dark hair in ponytailFarnaaz Begg

2nd Year Student, Human Resource Management Program

Hey BCIT! My name is Farnaaz. I am currently a second-year Human Resource Management student. I strongly feel that as individuals we are ALWAYS learning. I love to learn and challenge myself beyond them. I see challenges as another milestone to learn, and move forward with. I chose to be a Student Life Ambassador, because being a student at BCIT is one of the greatest challenges. As an SLA, I will love to guide students to get through the challenges of being a student. I want to help students find services that best meet their needs. I love to connect with new people, and learn about their experiences. I am eager to socialize, so please stop me and say hello!

student life ambassador with beard wearing black jacketHarsh Jindal

1st Year Student, Marketing Management Program

Hi Everyone. My name is Harsh and I am a first year student in the Marketing Management program. I became a Student Life Ambassador because I wanted to connect with students from diverse backgrounds, share and gain knowledge, and help them in any way possible that can contribute to their holistic development. This position empowers me to connect and understand the needs of students. Being a student is not an easy task especially when you juggle so many tasks, that feeling of satisfaction to help a student and guide him in the right direction, saving their time, is amazing. There is so much that BCIT has to offer, explore it. Every Student Life Ambassador will be more than happy to help you. Feel free to reach out to me or any of the other SLAs on campus with your queries.

student life ambassador with hair in ponytail wearing glassesKay Yeh

2nd Year Student, Business Information Technology Management Diploma Program 

Hello, everyone. My name is Kay, a second-year student in the Business Information Technology Management full-time program. I have built great social skills through my BCIT life, and I am a specialist in student services. I would like to contribute to the BCIT community and help people just like the way I was helped by others when I first got here. Becoming a Student Life Ambassador is one of the opportunities for me to engage and connect with BCIT students. You are welcome to talk to me and ask any questions if you see me around. I will be happy to have a little chat with you. You might be surprised at how much useful information you would get regarding BCIT life and services. Look forward to seeing you around on campus!

student life ambassador with long dark hair showing peace signLan Yin

2nd Year Student, International Business Management Program

Hello! My name is Lan Yin. I am a second-year student studying International Business Management program at BCIT. I chose to become a Student Life Ambassador because I want to help more students be successful in academic and personal life. Every student may define success in different ways, but BCIT is always here to support you. As a BCIT student, I am excited to start my second year, because there are so many services available for us getting prepared for future career. As an SLA, I am happy to share my experience with you and provide helpful information to you. Let’s start a wonderful and meaningful journey together!

student life ambassador with long dark hair wearing glasses and grey jacketPearl Reclusado

4th Year Student, Accounting Program

Pearl is currently in her last year of the Bachelor of Accounting program and aims to share her knowledge and experiences to current BCIT students. Nevertheless, she is still on her journey to find a balanced well-being. Feel free to chat with her about the various services BCIT has to offer.

student life ambassador wearing black and white striped shirt

Rahil Karim

2nd Year Student, Business Management Program

Hello! I’m Rahil and I am a second year student in the business management program. Coming out of your comfort zone and trying new things can be really fun and challenging. My aim has always been to help people as much as I can and here I am, as a Student Life Ambassador at BCIT to fulfill it. I’ve had ups and downs with my mental health but we always get through it with the right support. From my personal experience, I want to make sure that every student at BCIT makes use of the services it has to offer. We got your back and we care about your well-being, ALWAYS! See you around!

student life ambassador with long, blonde hair wearing red shirtSarah Kinnon

1st Year Student, Architectural Building Technology Program

My name is Sarah, and I will be entering the Architectural Building Technology program this year. I chose to become a Student Life Ambassador because I was interested in the opportunity of becoming more involved at BCIT. This position attracted me because I was interested in learning more about the student services offered at BCIT, and also interested in teaching others about these services. As an SLA, I will be passionate when communicating with students about the services offered. I intend to think of creative ways to increase the awareness of these services and look forward to interacting with everyone!

student life ambassador wearing checkered shirt and wavingSteven Lee

2nd Year Student, Accounting Program

Hi everyone! My name is Steven and I am a second year student in the Accounting program. BCIT is a challenging but exciting place for everyone to learn and grow. We are here to make your journey a little bit easier. I became a Student Life Ambassador because I wanted to get involved in the school community and connect with as many students as possible. I didn’t want to leave BCIT with only memories of being buried in my books. If you have any questions about the resources available at BCIT, or just want to have a quick chat, feel free to reach out to me or any other SLAs around the campus. I will also be available as a peer tutor during the weekends if you need any help with first year business courses!

student life ambassador wearing glasses and giving thumbs up signYousef Ahmad

1st Year Student, Accounting Diploma Program

Hey y’all! I’m Yousef, your friendly new Student Life Ambassador! I’m currently enrolled in my first-year Accounting Diploma at the Burnaby Campus. I joined the Student Life team because one of my passions is to motivate my peers to be the best version of themselves. Being a student can be challenging, so I would like to encourage students to take full advantage of the copious amounts of helpful services provided by BCIT to make student life a little less challenging and to promote overall well-being. I love smiling and making everyone feel comfortable so look for me and my big grin!