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Initiation of Sustainability Vision implementation

Two students working on a rooftop garden

I am sharing an update on the Strategic Plan deliverable I’m leading, which falls under our commitment to future-proof applied education and the initiative for augmented and sustainable environments.

Institute sustainability inspires change across industry and society by helping students uncover the deeper systemic causes of today’s challenges while modelling best practices on campus.

To date, we have engaged students, faculty, and staff in initiatives to foster conversations through Diversity Circles, resourcing BCIT Green Team campaigns, tracking BCIT’s sustainability performance, and supporting the phase-out of single-use utensils in food services. We also helped ten BC municipalities measure their consumption-based greenhouse gas emissions and facilitated the BCIT Student Association, Vice President, Equity and Sustainability.

We look forward to submitting BCIT’s Sustainability Performance Report to the Association for Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education this spring, followed by the publication of a federally funded Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council – Knowledge Synthesis Grant, on how cities are measuring and managing for living within earth’s carrying capacity.

Faculty and staff are invited to join the monthly Sustainability Champions Round Table Zoom meeting to share and learn more about ways to incorporate sustainability into their work at BCIT. Our round tables are open drop-in sessions and take place at 11:30 am on the third Monday of the month.

Thank you,

Jennie Moore
Director, Inst. Sustainability

Commitment: Future-proof Applied Education
Initiative: Augmented and Sustainable Environments
Deliverable: Initiation of Sustainability Vision implementation
Deliverable lead: Jennie Moore, Director, Inst. Sustainability