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Commitment 3

Globally Relevant Connections

Enhancing the relevance and reach of BCIT.

Creating and sustaining effective collaborations is a major undertaking. This plan encourages a strategic approach that channels effort towards those that yield greatest societal value and mutual benefit. Such partnerships are critical if we are to enhance the relevance and reach of BCIT – provincially and beyond.

Indigenous perspective and priorities

While there are elements relevant to Indigenous learners, employees, and communities throughout the Strategic Plan, this initiative provides a focal point for our dialogue and action, as well as a critical connection with our Indigenous Vision. We will ensure that governance structures recognize and respect Indigenous peoples. We will implement intellectual and cultural traditions through renewed curriculum, programming, and learning approaches that reflect and respect Indigenous ways of knowing and doing. We will support employees in enhancing understanding and reciprocity among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples. We will enhance services and facilities to attract, welcome, and support Indigenous learners and employees. We will develop and extend programs that contribute to employability and career building for Indigenous people, as well as entrepreneurship and economic independence. And we will build authentic relationships with Indigenous communities that support self-determination through education, training, and applied research.

New models of collaboration

One of the main themes to emerge from consultation was the pivotal importance of BCIT’s relationship with industry. We are intent on reinventing our models of collaboration, both internally and externally, so that we can combine our own strengths with those of our regional and international partners to address global challenges and technological evolution. We will establish shared, interdisciplinary centres of competence that showcase the resident expertise at BCIT, deepen knowledge, and provide focal points for engagement and innovation with industry and our post-secondary peers. We will invest strategically to foster signature activities in areas such as entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, smart cities, and sustainable communities. We will strengthen program-level interaction through our Program Advisory Committees and create opportunities for dialogue with industry leaders around issues critical to education and practice. And we will deliver on our provincial mandate by sharing BCIT content and teaching in high-demand domains with students and instructors co-located across British Columbia.

Open and representative community

We understand the importance of building an inclusive and engaged community of learners, employees, and alumni. We will institute a strategic approach to enrolment management that anticipates and responds to shifts in demand and demographics. We will expand and promote student financial assistance to enhance access and diversity. Consistent with provincial focus on immigration to strengthen the workforce, we will maintain our balanced approach to international enrolments. We will establish services to support and connect learners and employees from varied backgrounds and to equip faculty to teach our evolving student body. We will invest in training that fosters global perspective and seek out key academic partners around the world. We will support emerging economies and provide international technical assistance. We will continue to refine selection, development, and recognition systems to make us accountable to the BCIT values in our daily behaviour. And we will extend our efforts to attract students directly from high school and initiate development of a relationship management system, not least to strengthen our growing alumni network.

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