Important info

Important info about your rights and responsibilities as an employee in BC can obtained from the Employment Standards Branch, 1-800-663-3316.


Join your local industry association! Student memberships are often free or nominal, and provide access to many student-oriented seminars and events. It's a great resource for networking with professionals in your line of interest, and identifying industry-related job posting boards. Get involved and get noticed!

General job search engines

Job search engines can be good sources for job postings, however hires still happen by building networks with real people! Search the sites, send out your resume, and follow-up via telephone or in person.


Quick guides for helping students understand global career skills.


There are lots of internships out there but some of the good ones are a little hard to find. Use this list as a starting point, but do your own research and you'll probably find some additional ones of interest to you. Internships range in length from four months up to two years. Some are paid, some unpaid, but the experience is usually fantastic. Many of these internships state you must be between 18-30 and unemployed, so check the requirements carefully before you apply.


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Computing and information technology

Engineering technologies


Trades and apprenticeship

Labour market information and career planning

Find out occupations related to your goals, identify which occupations will be in demand now and in the future, and learn about expected salary ranges and more.

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