Reporting Lost or Stolen Assets

Under the oversight of the Safety, Security and Emergency Management (SSEM) department, BCIT has in place the Protection of Property and Equipment policy. This policy sets forth the responsibilities of departments, employees, and students concerning the protection of BCIT assets, as well as the institute processes towards assessing and controlling related risks and reporting any lost or stolen institute assets.

Departments and schools are responsible for protecting BCIT property under their care. In order to perform this role most effectively departments and schools are encouraged to engage the SSEM department, who will act in a consultative role in assessing risks and recommending appropriate security measures to protect institute assets. SSEM can be contacted at local 8009 or by emailing

In addition to protecting property, departments and schools are responsible for monitoring their assets and reporting any loss of equipment or property to the Safety, Security and Emergency Management department. Reports of lost or stolen assets should be made by completing and submitting the Missing and/or Stolen Asset Reporting Form. BCIT Security will report such losses through BCIT Supply Management per Policy 7518, Insurance and work with law enforcement in order to investigate, as necessary.