Emergency Telephones

Blue emergency phone column

Contacting Security by telephone

BCIT has implemented an ongoing program of providing emergency communications at campuses in order to provide employees, students and visitors the ability to summon assistance.

The emergency communications include emergency telephones in parking lots, walkways, elevators, and in-house telephones.

BCIT has expanded this program to the Burnaby, Aerospace technology and Downtown campuses.

BCIT Security Communications Centres are operational 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer calls for assistance. Emergency telephones can be used to report emergencies, request a safer walk, request first-aid, to report suspicious activity, and to request assistance (i.e. for car problems, you are lost, etc.).

Contact Campus Security using:

Please, familiarize yourselves with these telephone locations, particularly along your normal travel routes.

Location of emergency telephones

Burnaby Campus [PDF]
Downtown Campus [PDF]
Aerospace Technology Campus [PDF]

Location of in-house telephones

Burnaby Campus [PDF]
Downtown Campus [PDF]
Aerospace Technology Campus [PDF]
Marine Campus [PDF]
Centre for Applied Research (CARI) [PDF]

Elevators equipped with emergency telephones

All Campuses [PDF]