Student Bike Patrol

Bike Patroller in a blue jacket

The Student Bike Patrol is in place at the Burnaby Campus. The patrol emphasizes "students helping students".

Students interested in joining the Student Bike Patrol should submit a resume to the Safety, Security and Emergency Management Department, attention Manager of Security.

Most patrollers work two shifts, four hours per week. The academic workload at BCIT is such that two shifts per week does not impact school commitments. The rate of pay is currently $12.71 per hour.

Note: Successful candidates must be willing to undergo reference and security clearance procedures.

History of the Student Bike Patrol

The Student Bike Patrol was formed in September of 1993. Since that time we have operated during the evenings Mondays through Thursdays, 18:00-22:00 hrs, Fridays 17:30-2130 hrs, and Saturdays 10:00 - 14:00 hrs to promote the safety and security of part-time students. The Student Bike Patrol is an initiative that forms a very valued part of the overall BCIT Safety, Security and Emergency Management Department personal security program. The formation of the Patrol was supported by the Student Association, the BCIT Administration and the Campus community.

Patrol objectives


The Student Bike Patrol members undertake a two-day (16-hour) course in bicycle patrolling, currently offered by the Police. This involves patrolling from a bike, riding skills, self-defence using a bike, and basic bike maintenance. There is also a one-day in-house training session run by the Manager of Security at BCIT. You must supply a mountain bike and helmet for the bicycle training component, and your own lunch. Training hours are paid hours.


The Student Bike Patrol is provided with mountain bikes, uniforms (consisting of biking pants, jacket, belts equipped with flashlight, notebook, and radio holster). Portable communication radios are assigned to the bike patrollers.

How to contact security and the bike patrol

To contact Safety, Security and Emergency Management 24 hours a day, telephone 604-451-6856. When using an "in-house" service phone, dial 6856. You can also use one of the "emergency phones" around campus, or come directly to the Security Communications Centre, which is located in SW01, Room 1016, Burnaby Campus.