Occupational First Aid Procedures

A priority of the Occupational Health & Safety program is the provision of first aid services for the BCIT community. The purpose of first aid is to provide employees and students with prompt, easily accessible and appropriate treatment. Level 2 Occupational First Aid attendants are available at the five main BCIT campuses.

All injuries sustained on BCIT campuses or while working on BCIT business must be reported to first aid.

    Operating Hours Contact Number
BCIT Burnaby Campus
West side of NE16 along Goard Way 0700 – 2200 (M-F);
0800 – 1530 (Sat)
BCIT Aerospace & Technology Campus
Room 155G Hangar Stores
0800 – 1830 (M-F) 604-419-3704/ 604-419-3705
BCIT Marine Campus
1st Deck - Room 116 0800 – 1530 (M-F) 778-928-2481
BCIT Downtown Campus
3rd Floor – Room 378 0700 to 2300 (M-F) / 0700-1500 (Sat) 604-412-7602
BCIT Annacis Island Campus
Call Security 0700-1900 (7 days a week) 604.456.1115

The following procedures have been developed in order to ensure the provision of first aid services at BCIT.

BCIT First Aid Reporting Procedures:

These procedures outline the responsibilities of employees, supervisors, first aid attendants and others at BCIT in meeting the reporting requirements.

Risk Assessment on Occupational First Aid Requirements:

This procedure provides a template for performing the annual occupational first aid risk assessment that is required to identify requirements for first aid faciliites, equipment, consumables, and services on BCIT campuses.

Automatic External Defibrillators:

AED's are designed to administer an electric shock to a person who is having a cardiac arrest. The purpose of the AED program at BCIT is to provide the tools and training to save the lives of individuals experiencing sudden cardiac arrest.

BCIT has Automatic External Defibrillators at the following locations:

Campus Location
Burnaby NE16 – First Aid
SW01 – Security Operations Centre
Downtown Campus 1st Floor – Security Operations Centre
Marine Campus 1st Floor – First Aid
Aerospace Technology Campus 1st Floor – First Aid
Annacis Island Campus Security