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Sexual assault is:

As defined in the BCIT Policy 7103

Any form of unwelcome activity of a sexual nature imposed by one person on another without consent. More specifically, sexual assault:

  • includes a range of unwelcome sexual activities including oral contact (kissing), groping, touching, oral sex, vaginal or anal penetration, and/or other forms of penetration;
  • can be perpetrated by anyone. The person accused could be the spouse, an intimate or dating partner, a friend or acquaintance, a known person in a position of authority or a complete stranger;
  • can occur between individuals regardless of sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or relationship status; and/or
  • can occur when an individual engages in sexual activity with another person they know, or reasonably ought to have known, is mentally or physically incapacitated (i.e. by drug or alcohol use, unconsciousness, blackout, or as a result of a disability).