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Steps to resolve your ergonomic concern at home:

  1. Refer to Telework and Ergonomic resources to adjust your workstation.
  2. If symptoms continue, report to your supervisor and by using the Staff/Injury Report Form.
  3. If step #1 doesn’t revolve the issue, request the OHS team to perform a virtual ergonomic assessment, by Zoom, of your home set-up and provide adjustment tips.

Under COVID-19 circumstances:

You can temporarily take home, with your supervisor’s agreement, existing ergonomic equipment at your workstation (e.g. monitor, office chair, keyboard, mouse, document holder) excluding sit/stand workstation, desks or other furniture.  If you take any office equipment home with you:

    • Protect this equipment while in your custody.
    • Transport this equipment yourself and exercise care to prevent injury to yourself and damage to BCIT assets.
    • If you can’t transport equipment yourself, discuss moving arrangements with your supervisor.
    • Your supervisor/manager will be responsible for tracking this equipment, by recording device type and the BCIT Asset Tag number for monitors, docks, printers, and keyboards.
    • All incidental costs related to working remotely, such as residential utility costs, cleaning, internet, phone and any other related costs, are your responsibility.

If you continue to have ergonomic issues working from home and must use your sit/stand workstation in the office, you will need to return to work on campus.